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Step into the business world, handle real projects and start your career before tossing your graduation hats with an internship opportunity that exposes you to real business challenges.

Nurturing Interns Today so they Lead Tomorrow

We know that good design means good business.

Make the most of your college times, simultaneously practice theories and knowledge in stimulating business world, develop new techniques, and learn from industry leaders that are ready to breed your skills every day.

Good Design
Good Design
Year-round hiring
3 to 12-month internships
Full & part-time
Client retention rate

Start Your Career It’s About Time

Fertile internship opportunities with the highest chances of landing into a full-time. Our interns are trained by experienced managers and team leads, developing and polishing new skills, improvising existing skills, cultivating professionalism, and motivating them to bring the best out of each one of them.

Cubix University – A Future-Driven Project

Our internship project is a well-paid internship program, offering the opportunity for 3 months, leading to a full-time job for the candidates. We handover real projects, explore and polish your skills, and help you make smarter career choices. Step into a challenging and dynamic world with infinite opportunities.

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Extending Internship Opportunities for Over a Decade

We have a legacy of hiring college students and training them to become valuable professionals, starting their careers early, and reaching skies before they even graduate. We are honoured to host a pool of experts that were once hired as interns.

Engage with Cubix University

We want to know you. Tell us about yourself. Let’s hear about your interests, goals, and vision. At Cubix, we are eager to connect with our workforce and wish to know you better. Offering internship opportunities across the country, we are aiming to bring together and nurture diverse talent.

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Fill a short form and let us hear about your education, interests, hobbies, and more. Let us find you an internship opportunity that best fits your portfolio.

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We’ll get back to you with a thrilling opportunity to start your professional life. While you are still at it, let’s update you when there’s a relevant vacancy.

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