All our NFT games to date: MicroPets, MiniPets, Track9, Taunt Battle, Wagmi Games, PetWars

All our NFT games to date: MicroPets, MiniPets, Track9, Taunt Battle, Wagmi Games, PetWars

We have witnessed an unanticipated revolution in gaming technology that has pushed the entire gaming industry to the next level of progress. Nft games have been the most significant addition to the tech industry and one's life.

The current leading aspects of gaming in the current market depend on modernistic games built with cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, NFTs, P2E models, etc. Saying that, such games help the player base gain leverage with in-game economy.

Cubix demonstrates expertise across the vast range of game development processes with its incredible NFT game development services to align with the revolutionary technological pace while enjoying the partnership of a widespread famous clientele.

Cubix has deployed many robust games, among which Baby Dragon and MicroPets have secured top positions in the market, and some future-leading games are under development.

NFTs have been introduced to the digital development sector as a remarkable innovation. Worldwide game development businesses use NFTs in games to build ownership of game assets that you can purchase, sell, or win due to their futuristic benefits on the secure blockchain network.

Begin and increase the game fun while exchanging in-game assets with another player. As shown in the list, many people have shown great interest in buying the most expensive NFTs.

Let's see what best games Cubix has deployed so far, which are currently offering top-charted revenues to the businesses, and what games Cubix aims to deploy in the future.

Smart Partners who Build their Products Harnessing Blockchain Technology and NFTs.

1. MicroPets

MicroPets is the NFT-based game built on Binance smart chain. The cutting-edge technology offers techies to develop dApps. Binance Smart chain provides feasibility to create smart contracts and is best compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The game provides the best possible ways to invest and earn with NFTs. Furthermore, the cute Pets can be utilized to trade. The whole game concept is based on in-game Pets runners, whereas gamers are allowed to proceed to the next stage with their game characters and efficiently coins as they pass through the hurdles.

Cubix has added value to the MicroPets game development with Crypto tokens and NFTs, while designers, animators, and 3D modelers showed their expertise in crafting high-quality 3D NFTs. In 2021, MicroPets announced their collaboration with Cubix to develop their mobile game version to get the competitive edge in a rapidly evolving world of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and P2E games.

According to MicroPets,

"The MicroPets team has partnered with Cubix, a worldwide NFT game development company with a pro workforce in blockchain technology and leading game development."

2. MiniPets

MiniPets is another incredible digital creation of our expert team comprising multiple designated technical professionals. MiniPets falls into the genre of play-to-earn and represents end-users with an advanced approach to implementing and owning unique NFTs that add value to their NFT collection. The most exciting part of this game is that users can access and explore the DogeWorld regardless of payment.

The MiniPet project was assigned to Cubix due to its skillful and veteran workforce. The game engages users to earn pets in the form of NFTs and swap collectibles with MiniDOGE tokens. All MiniPets will earn Mini tokens after being assigned different tasks and responsibilities. The mini token earnings will allow pets to enhance their attributes.

3. WAGMI Games

Cubix's expertise in NFT game development services makes it one of the leading NFT game development companies. WAGMI games chose to become partners with a P2E NFT game known as "WAGMI DEFENSE."

Learn more about the NFT game development that leverages play-to-earn games.

WAGMI game is built using the blockchain technology as it offers the most secure platform for the secure gaming experience to users. The WAGMI native token is available on Binance and Ethereum blockchains with the opportunity to provide multiple NFT collections. Undoubtedly, the game offers the best NFTs while attracting a wider audience. The gameplay storyline is based on the self-defense of humankind against the alien force that lands on Earth to discover a crucial element (essential for their survival) from Earth's core.

According to Statista, worldwide spending on blockchain solutions is expected to increase by 19 billion U.S dollars by 2024. Moreover, most global businesses have investment plans for blockchain technology for their respective organizations.

4. PetWars

The partnerships of Cubix aren't limited to the above-mentioned well-recognized partners. Still, the company enjoys a good collaboration with PetWars due to the nifty play-to-earn game development service. The new NFT game "PetWars" is based on an exciting plot that includes battleground, coins, cards, Buffs, creatures, and crazy pets that even have insects along with cats, dogs, birds, etc., designed as the game’s characters.

PetWars game is developed on the trending Play-to-Earn gaming methodologies that hold futuristic solutions for the businesses and NFT game player base. Moreover, the game offers an NFT collection that allows investors to purchase unique and well-crafted artwork that helps support the NFT marketplace. This adds value to the PetWars NFT holders by leveraging aspects of the NFT-based game.

Moreover, the Cubix development team always wants to offer game lovers a seamless gaming experience, and that is why the team ensures success factors in the play-to-free P2E version of the PetWars game. Furthermore, the Cubix team aims to add more exciting features to offer end-users the hassle-free earning opportunity with the secure platform. At the same time, the player enjoys the thrilling gaming scenarios.

5. Taunt Battleworld

This exciting game is built on the polygon blockchain technology using the most adopted technologies like, React, JS and Node.js. Furthermore, a Taunt battleworld game is developed using NFT technology, allowing the user to own and conveniently manage Acolyte Warriors on a quest that enables you to become a champion on the battlefield.

The game is an auto-battler fighting engage-to-earn NFT game where you allow your warriors to fight on the battlefield while you can watch and decide on the strategies that will make your warriors win the battle. However, the fighting engine is built on Unity (which has become the most adopted game engine).

The thrill is hidden because you can't control your game characters (warriors) through handling options, but you find excitement in choosing the right strategy that is crucial to winning the game. Taunt battle game offers the opportunity to earn from the in-game NFT ecosystem differently.

6. Track9

A play-to-earn digital dog racing game that permits users to collect NFTs in the form of different characters to trade and upgrade the attribute that gives players supremacy over fellow racers. The uniqueness of the Track9 game lies in providing the ability to watch live and bet on the final result to win. The game has attracted a wider audience as it has transformed the traditional gambling race game with blockchain technology and NFTs.

Users can buy the dogs based on different breeds, decent features, racing powers, etc., and breed their dogs (NFT characters) to enhance their racing capabilities and overall attributes. The game player can sell their dogs (NFTs) on OpenSea for a grand prize. The dog owner is awarded the best reputation within the nft gaming world, which benefits the dog owner to sell at a high price.

Like other partners who trusted Cubix, track9 NFT-based game is also built by the technically competent staff of Cubix.

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That is why blockchain tech has surmounted the peak of the digital market in this era. Blockchain has proved to be the most secure platform for storing confidential data and Non-Fungible Tokens worth millions and billions. Due to these reasons, NFT-based games have become the center of attraction.

Cubix is well-known for deploying robust and fully-functional (complex, large-scale, or small-sized) projects every year with the same zealous spirit, whether the project is built for the E-commerce business or built on blockchain tech comprising NFTs. In addition, the company understands the cruciality of developing software on trending technologies, among which play-to-earn game development service has become popular in the gaming industry.

Do you know that having an astonishing game development idea is superb but developing it from a leading company is something that brings value to your development? So, get in touch with us to kick-start the project.

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