Software Engineer

  • Openings 1
  • Location Karachi

We are looking for Node.js Developers who will be responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users. They will be focusing the development of all server-side logic, definition and maintenance of the central database, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end. 

We are a passionate group of professionals, and would welcome an equally dedicated person to join our team!


  • 2 to 4 + years of relevant experience in building object-oriented applications
  • Strong proficiency with JavaScript 
  • Knowledge of Node.js and frameworks available for it 
  • Understanding the nature of asynchronous programming and its quirks and workarounds
  • Good understanding of server-side templating languages 
  • Good understanding of server-side CSS preprocessors 
  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as HTML5, and CSS3
  • Understanding accessibility and security compliance 
  • User authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments


  • Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers with server side logic.
  • Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code
  • Design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability, and performant applications
  • Implementation of security and data protection
  • Integration of data storage solutions.
  • Develop and maintain applications as per the requirements. 

Know someone who woul'd be perfect for this role? let them know.