Senior Game Developer

  • Openings 4
  • Location Karachi

We are looking for Senior Game Developers who will be responsible to manage the development team and all aspects of game’s technical design, including engine and game systems. Ideal candidates will work closely with the technical director and other stakeholders to define a project’s technical approach. They will be actively involved in the development of game architectures, gameplay features and systems in collaboration with the design team to ensure features match expectations.

We are a passionate group of professionals, and would welcome an equally dedicated person to join our team!


  • Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.
  • A minimum 6-8+ years of Game Development experience is required.
  • Excellent knowledge of Unity, including experience with scripting, textures, animation, GUI styles, and user session management.
  • Strong programming in C++/C#.
  • Possess sound knowledge of Smart fox Server, Adobe Air Starling, and lua.
  • Experience with game physics and particle systems.
  • Experience with mobile and console game development.
  • Strong knowledge of Unity3D including Unity GUI, asset bundles, materials/shaders, and iPhone/Android deployment.
  • Experience of supporting all stages of the development lifecycle.
  • Knowledge of Visual Studio programming environment.
  • Ability to work in cross platform environments (Windows, iOS, Android).
  • Ability to architect systems from scratch.
  • Software prototyping to convey quick ideas.
  • Works well both in a team and independently.
  • Actively seeks to improve skills.
  • Strong problem solving & analytical skills.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.


  • Leading a team of game developers to create immersive and compelling gameplay experiences.
  • Working with existing engine code base to develop and enhance game play including
  •  AI strategies and rules, game play, etc.
  • Contributing to the architecture to finish code on time and within requirements.
  • Performing regular architecture and code reviews.
  • Balancing team, task and individuals for performance and productivity.
  • Developing well-designed software within project schedule to team standards.
  • Debugging and optimizing code to hit performance targets.
  • Specifying and contribute to testing procedures.
  • Ensuring the best possible performance, quality and responsiveness of applications.
  • Cooperating with artists, designers and other coders on how to best utilize the current technology.
  • Performing research to acquire new knowledge necessary to perform tasks and continue the technological evolution of the game and our tools.
  • Developing high performance and easy to use world editing and game development tools and systems.
  • Solving complex technical problems that occur within the Game’s production.
  • Developing the prototype for new Games or feature concepts.
  • Accurately estimate schedules and deliver high-quality work products to that schedule.
  • Meeting work deadlines as per requirements of projects.
  • Mentoring and guiding fellow coders.
  • Performing other incidental and related duties as required and assigned.

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