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Meet our delegates at GITEX 2018

(Hall No 7A - Stand 7A - A10)

Ali Sohani

Umair Mirza
VP Global

Ali Zeeshan
VP Marketing

Harris Khan
Sr. Product Strategist

Jourdan Chohan
Sr. Product Strategist

Cubix at the 38th GITEX
Technology Week

Under the theme of “Future Urbanism”, Cubix will reveal its revolutionary and unified technology solutions that provide end to end services to the niches of e-commerce (Cubix Commerce), human resource (HappyForce), blockchain (Cubix Chain), fintech (Kifayat), e-learning (Cubix Quest), interactive game experience (HERO – MMORPG Engine), etc. Developed by Cubix, the afore-mentioned solutions are bound to accelerate business operations resulting in optimum performance outcome.

Our mission is to be the best tech consultancy in the world. Our partners rely on us to deliver engaging mobile apps & games, modern multi-platform software & digital products that combine great user experience with robust & reliable technology platforms.

Cubix CEO


Some of the key solutions Cubix will be
showcasing at GITEX 2018

Cubix Commerce

A product built to provide an end-to-end ERP solution by sighting the needs of online e-commerce and marketplace requirements. We want to empower every entrepreneur to have his own presence online.


A one window mobile app solution to convert your business workforce into HappyForce. A full employee life-cycle workplace solution with onboarding, e-learning, employee engagement, and social collaboration features.

On-demand Delivery

With our fleet management system of vehicles, drivers and dynamic order dispatch system empowered by smart load balancing and intelligent routing engine, you can now build your own Uber, Lyft, Grab, PostMates, BuddyTruck, or DoorMan.

Cubix Chain

With DAPP (Distributed App) Builder wizard, it helps enterprises to hop on the block chain bandwagon with minimum efforts. A simple POC with smart contract is capable of handling multiple business entities that are built within 6 minutes.

Insight Machine

A data robot empowered by state of the art machine-learning algorithms. It can work in autopilot mode to analyze the data of enterprises drawing business intelligence, forecasts, predictions and recommendations.

Cubix Hero

A massive online multiplayer RPG (Role Playing Game) and strategy game engine where a character can start as a novice in the game-world and progress through different levels to become the master.


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Our vision, mission, projects and achievements

Glimpse of Cubix at GITEX 2018

  • Annual Picnic, 2019!

Team Cubix cherishing a time out at an extravagant picnic, with scrumptious food, exciting activities, and a fun-filled night to remember ! @mr.salman.lakhani
  • Happy Force, an exciting HRM product, didn’t set records in the first go. We identified the loopholes and transformed it into a trending solution in no time.
  • Cubix family delightfully welcomes Syed Abeer Rizvi on board. 
Mr. Abeer Rizvi has more than four years of experience in project management with an added experience of quality assurance.
  • Our CEO, Mr, Salman Lakhani shares the art of reviving dried up businesses overnight with Mixergy His exceptional entrepreneurial skills have helped make Cubix, Inc an epitome of flawless digital products.
  • @uber recently acquired Careem for a whopping $3.1 billion. @careempak started in 2012 and 7 years down the road, it is sold for what became the largest transaction in tech industry of the Middle East. What’s stopping you from running a Careem-like incredible startup?
  • Cubix family delightfully welcomes Sanam Khan on board. Sanam has more than eight years of experience in project management with an added experience of web development, requirement gathering & analysis, technical writing, and quality assurance testing

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