Before we delve into e-learning, let us cover a small part of its history. The term e-learning was first introduced in 1999 at CBT systems seminar and since then, it buzzed in the tech industry. Online learning and virtual learning joined the group and the revolution started off. Up till 2000, learning was an indoor activity and there wasn't any concept of distant teaching. Physical presence of teacher and students was a must but then, the internet happened and it changed the norms of learning.

Coming on to e-learning, it is a technological practice where training or education is delivered in a digital medium, Qualifications and certifications are just a tap away and electronic devices such as laptop, mobile, tablet are used to educate the learners. E-learning is supported by multiple formats including PDF documents, interactive slides, activities and clickable elements. Additionally, e-learning apps or software also feature various tricks of assessment and quizzes, As the learner advances the course, he explores more areas of learning in a specific niche. E-learning is on the boom and by every passing day, distinctive ways are being introduced to empower this digital medium of learning.