Enlighten us about your educational and professional experience/history.

I received a Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) from Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College in NYC. I have 10 years of experience in operations, marketing, business development and management.

What aspects of your previous position did you find professionally challenging?

In one of my previous roles I oversaw 154 employees. Due to language barrier with our HR department and distance from my previous headquarters, all of our region HR issues had to funnel through me. That was one of the most challenging position I was in.

Now that you are a part of Cubix team, what areas would be most easy and challenging for you in this role?

Easiest is working along great team members. Most challenging has been finding the best rhythm to coordinating timely responses with the different departments and clients/prospect in different time zones and cultural values.

Give me an example of a very complex problem or issue you have faced. How did you solve the problem?

There have been many – employee (operational) and client related ones (business Development). In my previous role, the most challenging has always been to deal with tough clients that expect above and beyond the service provided. I had a client who had been burned many times by other contractors, winning her trust was going to be a challenge. She had little confident in the new contractor. I had to hire an Account Manager under myself to oversee her project. I gave her my word to deliver exceptional service. Once hired, in a VP role, I personally did all the training and walked him through the client’s expectations. I would sit with him on the clients site to make sure she understood I took it upon myself to make sure the Account Manager can deliver to her expectations. Once I was confident the manager could handle on his own, I would routinely pop in and made sure to be seen. I would also call the client and check in randomly. I made myself available to her at any time she needed assistant. We developed a great relationship. In due time, she let her guard down, and was confident that me and my team could handle the contract. Going forward with her confidence in us, we did a phenomenal job with the contract. In return she was a great reference for future projects and would send referrals my way.

What particular skills or experiences make you the best match for this position?

I am a problem solver and a people person. Difficult clients realize that I have their best interest in mind. I make delivering a great experience the number one priority when providing a service.

In what ways could you contribute to this job?

Given the right resources, I bring the ability to develop and build relationships with enterprise clients that will allow us to move forward with lucrative projects. Allowing prospective clients to trust we have a great product and deliver a great experience.

Joining Cubix, what aspect thrills you the most?

The company is fresh, new to the market with great talent. Cubix has a lot of potential to break into the enterprise market and make its presence be known.

What would be your dream job?

Besides being in the great world of technology, I am a foodie. I would love to have a TV show to travel around the world and taste food and wine, but who wouldn’t right?

Do you see this position as a final destination or a stepping stone?

In my current role, there is a lot of potential to be part of something amazing. As we continue to grow, there is so much potential to make Cubix a huge software developer in the US and Europe. Many markets to break into. I am hopeful this is a long-term role.

Tell us about a time when you were intensely motivated at work

I have my mothers work ethic. I am always motivated to work.

Would you rather be the captain of the team, the MVP, the unsung hero, or a “solid teammate”? Why?

I can be either Captain of the team or a “solid teammate”. I am very much a team player, but at any given time where a team is looking around complex about the direction to go, I naturally step into leadership role. It is an innate characteristic. MVP status is not important to me. There is no “I” in “TEAM”, but captains are part of a team.

Describe a time when your professional know-how/ knowledge was put to a crucial test.

I think in every development role you will face challenges. Working with new market presence always bring crucial testing. Different industry face different challenges. How you overcome end results are what matter most.

Give an example of the most detail-oriented positions you have had.

I was the VP of the Mid-Atlantic region for a company. With 154 employees, I was HR, Operations, Business Development, and Marketing while we continued to expand. I was responsible for many moving parts, contracts and people (clients and employees).

You may have heard the term ‘emotional intelligence’ before. What does it mean to you to have ‘emotional intelligence’ in a work setting?

My understanding of ‘emotional intelligence’ is the ability to be able to manage your emotions and being able to manage/interact other people’s emotions. As humans, we process and react to things different. By understanding the cues of how individuals process some information, allows you to be able to deliver direction or constructive criticism better. Allowing you to make decisions based on logic and the understand on how you offer information and how someone else process it.

In your experience, is it better to confront difficult situations, or to not “stir things up”?

I am one to confront the difficult situations. Confronting does not mean you must be defensive when doing so. Confronting an issue allows for solving and clearing things up before they get worse. In my experience, most of the time, difficult situations aren’t nearly as bad as one assumed. When things are left unaddressed, the situation gets cloudier. That is when both parties make assumptions and animosity can develop. As a manager and someone who business relationships are important to me, addressing difficult situations come with the territory.

Whom do you idealize? How do you take admiration?

My mother. She came to this country at 17 to raise 2 sisters before she was married. She left her country (Dominican Republic) to give my brother and I a better opportunity in life. As an immigrant who didn’t speak English, have an education or the financial stability, she was able to open two (2) restaurants and a clothing store in this country. Though her businesses are no longer around, she is amazing to be able to do so.

In your opinion, which place is best to live in?

NYC. I am born and raised New Yorker, so I am biased. But DC is a close 2nd!

How would you sum up ‘Joy’?

The ability to be present at a given moment in full bliss and nothing else matters.