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Bring your games to life with 2D physics, cross-platform network play, and stunning visual effects with RPG Engine.
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With RPG Engine, there’s no limit to what you can achieve

RPG Engine includes everything necessary to streamline the game development process and gives you all the resources required to get started.

  • An easy to use mapping engine gives the tool to build the look of user envisioned world
  • An interesting avatar engine allows creating heroes, villains, items, magic, and more easily and quickly
  • A powerful battle engine system depicts the flow of game environment using a simple point and click interface
  • A flexible item engine provides a great default collection of graphics, sounds, music and all the materials you need to make the game more fascinating
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Simple Enough for a Gamer; Powerful Enough for a Developer.

RPG Engine takes the weight off developing a game idea to let you focus on the idea itself.

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2D Sprites

With blisteringly fast sprite engine and additional support for box 2D physics and tweening animation, make classic retro games easy and engaging.

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3D engine

With an optimised and powerful 3D engine, experience full shader support, heightmap terrain generation, shader, lighting and more.

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With just a few commands, start developing your own AR/VR experiences.

Know All About RPG Engine

RPF Offers all-inclusive features to make games bigger and better.

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Art & Design

The Spell Engine gives you the power of creating spectacular cinematic content & gameplay sequences. Use integrated 3rd party tools to animate directly within RPG Engine.

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Audio Effects

With real-time synthesis, dynamic DSP effects, and physical audio propagation modelling, make your project heard – clearly and loudly!

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Multi-Platform Deployment

May it be mobile platforms: iOS, Android; or Desktop platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, UWP, *BSD, Haiku, make your games available everywhere!


Gosocial Integrations

Build a Facebook messenger chatbot or for any other social messaging channels

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