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Introducing Sedelle – A Platform for Fashion Enthusiasts and Industry Experts

Sedelle connects the average folks with the experts of the fashion and beauty industry. It is a portable marketplace for branded services and cosmetics products.

Are you going to a club? Or attending a celebration of a family member? Sedelle is a gateway to keeping beauticians on the fingertips. From makeup artists to hairstylists, nail, and spa, users can connect with vendors for every category and spruce up their look for all occasions.

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Feature Highlights

Sedelle aims to bridge the gap between people and fashion experts. It provides a smooth and seamless shopping experience for users. For the vendors, it is a mobile marketplace to promote their services and products.

Freelance makeup gurus, hairdressers, and nail artists, and more, can build their brand and increase their target market. Apart from products, the app also is a gateway to gaining insights on the current trends, product reviews from the industry influencers and bloggers.

Sedelle aims to bridge the gap between people and fashion experts. It provides a smooth and seamless shopping experience for users. For the vendors, it is a mobile marketplace to promote their services and products.

User Profiles

Sign up to set up user profiles, display products and services under the brand name, and manage order history.


Freelance artists, renowned brands, and startup ventures can distribute their collections worldwide.

Multiple Categories

The app features multiple products and services for eyes, hair, lips, face, nails, and eyebrows.

My Order Lists

Keep track of purchases, canceled or pending orders, and track delivery through the My Orders tab.

In-App Chat

The app features an in-app chat to open communication between vendors and the customers.

UI/UX Design

The app has four interfaces for four types of users, including artists, brands, bloggers & average users.

Looking Good was Never this Easy

Sedelle makes dressing up a breeze for all. The platform connects average citizens with specialists in the cosmetics industry, including service providers and vendors.

Here, users can find professionals to help them with their manicure, pedicure, and party makeup; in the customers’ homes or the studio, the choice lies with the experts. Service providers decide the location when they sign up with Sedelle.


To act as a bridge between users

and the fashion industry.

Watch Video Tutorials, Track Orders, and Connect with Global Brands

Within the app, users can explore video guides for new hairstyles, nail art designs, tips, and tricks to apply lip colors, eye makeup, and much more. The platform is a one-stop solution to gain insight into the fashion industry, learn the latest trends, connect with chic brands, and more.

The app also highlights vendors’ background, user ratings, and product or service catalog under the umbrella of vendor profiles. Renowned brands and startups can register to reach a broader audience base and market their products.

The marketplace also has tons of products, such as eyeshadow primers, mascaras, and eyeliners, as well as spa treatments. The order history screen shows complete transaction receipts with the cost, the number of items, and the date and time of purchase. Users can track their deliveries and have a record of approved, completed, canceled, and pending orders.

Intuitive User Interface

Sedelle offers multiple screens and an intuitive UI for phenomenal user experience. The screenshots show what to expect when you launch the app.

The user interface is simple, with easy to understand navigation. After registering, login to browse the categories or use the filters to customize the search. For a particular product, vendors can relay details like its purpose, ingredients, and more.

Consumers can manage their profiles, virtual shopping carts, schedule appointments in advance, and more. Via the in-app chat feature, converse with the vendors and service providers to discuss appointment details or product information.