Everybody wants to be successful and everybody wants to live a life that is full of achievements. As they say, no pain no gain and here is the deal. Live Intentionally is an app that encourages people to live a productive life.
The app aims to give you a mindset of accomplishing your life goals that could be personal or professional. Its like you will have an assistant who will continuously remind you of your daily routine goals. By using Live Intentionally, your life turns out to be more happening, productive and constructive.


Create Events

You don’t want to miss an event at any cost? Well, Live Intentionally is here to back your routine. Set up events that are your priority and Live Intentionally will ensure that you don’t miss your commitments. Moreover, events from the device’s calendar can also be used with the app.
With a simple and elegant user interface, Live Intentionally is a complete package for those who don’t like to lose their reputation by not fulfilling their commitments.


Live intentionally

Live intentionally – boasts highly engaging user interface powered by beautiful visuals.


Add Intentions

The best thing about life is its routine and the goals we always set to achieve. Living Intentionally lets you add intentions on each day so that you know exactly what you want from the specific day.
While you live with adding intentions in the app, you will have to meet certain deadlines that will fuel your personal and professional life with sense of achievement and living upto the bar of productivity.

Record Success

While you enjoy setting up your goals, they should be noted when achieved. Appreciate yourself by recording your success in Live Intentionally app.
Whenever you hit the goal of the day or an intention that was to be completed and you, by sheer hard work completed it with utter dedication and commitment to yourself, select it in the app and mark it as completed. So now, you can always say, Achievement unlocked!


Live your life intentionally

Join the community of over ten thousand people and stand out from the crowd. With Live Intentionally, set your priorities right and monitor your success rate with its monitoring tools. Its now or never.
Live intentionally also helps you set reminders of specific tasks and you can also improve your achievement percentage by following the monitoring tool of this brilliant app. In case you need to hide your goals from people around your phone, you can always make the app password protected so that no one can sense your direction of success. Achieve silently, work out loud!.