POLITICO, a Virginia, US-based political journalism company that covers politics and policy in the United States and internationally, distributes its news content through online channels such as website, TV, radio etc. as well as print media such as physical newspapers, magazines etc. Politico PRO is its prominent subscription-based paid online service that offers in-depth news analysis reporting to its subscriber ranging from agencies to individuals, enterprises to lobby shops to remain updated about their areas of interest.

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Intelligent Bill Searching

Legislative Compass allows its users the ability to flexibly search and locate federal and states’ bills/ legislation data.
It enables users to perform:

  • Free-text Search – integrated with elastic search, it allows users to perform text search throughout the historical bill’s data.
  • Filter-based Search – it allows users to take advantage of pre-configured filters such legislative body, chamber, legislation type, policy area, sponsor/ co-sponsor, status etc. as to quickly obtained focused search results

Organized Bill Detail

Comprehensive bills detail including bill text, amendments, roll calls, version and similar bills, organized into section enhances user’s reading experience

Quick Roll Call Searching

The Roll Call searching mechanism allows Pro subscribers to search and, get the data on roll call and voting result happening in the Congress. User can carry out free-text search or filter-driven search based on filters such as Chamber, policy area, vote on (adjournment, amendment etc.), Legislator name etc.


Legislative Acumen

LC System is not just a legislative tracking and searching tool. The dedicated built-in pro-bill analysis capacity permits their expert editorial analysis team to bring their insightful analysis to their subscribers in a creative yet simple way that translates complex legislative matters and content into an intuitive format.


Subscriber’s Centric

Control Center

LC System is the best fit for Pro subscribers as it allows its users to flexibly configure it to meet their preference related to vertical of interest, legislation of interest, alert notifications etc. It allows user to save time while keeping focus of relevant piece of details and events.