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With WishPix, creating lists and sharing them has never been simpler! Just create a family profile, add yourself, your spouse, your children. Anyone can create an occasion and share it with others. It allows you to focus on the task at hand, and spares you from adding all the details.

Share items with your closest family and friends and let them check off the items they get! No longer will you receive the same thing twice! Even better, your profiles include sizes (if entered) so your friends and family no longer have to ask!

WishPix App Features

Spare yourself the back and forth conversations for you or your kid's next occasion by creating a wish list using WishPix!

WishPix App Overview

Family Profile

Create a family profile and set a size. Add your family and friends

Add members

Add as many members as you like and make you event planning hinder-free

Create Occasions

Make an event or an occasion and add intricate details of the event


Create a Wishlist add items you’ve planned to get for the event avoiding duplication


Invite friends and family to join your Wishlist and check on the item they would be bringing

Password Protected

Protect your event details in case your phone gets in the wrong hands and save your surprise

Wishpix Gift

User Experience

This app saves your efforts with a pleasing design and seamless functionality. Making event list is just a click away and adding friends being just a matter of minutes. Make all events a successful one.

WishPix Reviews

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The Challenge

With WishPix we tried to achieve the best design with most appealing color palette and to finalize that we made any design layout and appealing UI. Finally, reaching a point where we decided the final look and style of the app.


WishPix is a iOS platform social networking app allowing users to create occasions and make event planning easier than ever before.

  • iOS


With overwhelming response and use of the app, WishPix achieved number that were beyond expactations

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