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We help our clients grow with cutting-edging technologies, extravagant designs, and innovative software solutions.

Social Flock

Social Flock — A social media networking app designed to grow your circle of friends.

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Foodly lists all the world’s cuisines in its catalog so that people can curb their desire for a warm meal at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

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Curious is a revolution in the world of digital socializing, where it offers users a platform to express themselves with complete anonymity.

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Sedelle connects the average folks with the experts of the fashion and beauty industry. It is a portable marketplace for branded services and cosmetics products.

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HicTic offers an alternative route to marketing brands and increasing engagement by targeting the mobile platform.

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Time Forge

Enjoy a battle with monsters, collect coins, grab superpowers, and fight with the mega monster before you move to the level. A platform game for gaming geeks

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