13 Benefits of Game Development Outsourcing

13 Benefits of Game Development Outsourcing

When the COVID pandemic took the world by storm, it wasn’t long before the gaming industry started playing a bigger role in entertaining people indoors. While reaching unprecedented popularity, the gaming industry grew from that point onward, reaching 23%, and the figures are expected to increase further because of the momentum gained.

Within this growth, individual game developers and game development companies have also focused their attention on revamping their game development processes to ensure efficiency and accommodate customer demands.

By outsourcing your game development, you can gain from efficient processes and flexible game development methods. You can easily get started by connecting with a team with just one simple tap and cut down on the entire process time and expense.

What is Outsourcing in Game Development?

The term ‘outsourcing’ in the game development arena refers to delegating development tasks to external studios, game developers, artists, quality assurance testing teams, and many other domain experts.

It contains the three major stages of development:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

As video game popularity surges, outsourcing is becoming the major criterion for today's modern gaming studios. It is currently one of the fundamental ways of reducing development costs and creating next-generation video games.

Due to its significant advantages, even large companies have admitted to outsourcing aspects of their gaming processes. The high cost and required expertise are two of the major reasons for opting for outsourcing game development.

Outsourcing projects to game developers comes with it several advantages:

  • Save a lot of time when searching, hiring, and onboarding new employees.
  • Implement the scalable theory parallel to project requirements.
  • A wide array of professional game developers to choose from for desktop, mobile, and console game development.
  • Add specialists to your team who can create, animate, illustrate, and add special effects to the game.
  • Add specialists to your team who can create, animate, illustrate, and add special effects to the game.

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Benefits of Game Development Outsourcing

Rapid Pace

Projects are done and dusted in no time because of the additional resources added. To give an agency a specific deadline, you can now collaborate with them on your own terms and promptly acquire the results you want.

Quickly Scalable

If a team cannot commit to your specified date, you can choose another company to get designers, developers, and programmers who will complete your project on time. In addition, they will provide you with scalable resources, which will have no cost once you are done with your process.

Low-Cost Expertise

Imagine that your business still needs some resources despite paying expensive programmers. In that scenario, you may collaborate with an outsourcing organization that will offer the same quality but at more affordable rates.

Supports Teamwork

A successful game is an outcome of a collaborative motivational team. Outsourcing promotes teamwork which is the key to pursuing your desired game. It also helps employees communicate with each other, share responsibilities, adhere to transparency, and make critical decisions efficiently.


The entire process of creating a video game is complex. Most of the time, you may change the deadlines to meet the milestones. Outsourcing allows you to lower the needed assistance or stop getting it completely. As per your needs, you can enjoy the flexibility given.

Specialized Services

The client looks for quality services being offered before choosing a gaming studio. So, it's necessary to have the right employees to attract the right number of customers. You can collaborate with the gaming studio per your requirements to complete your processes with their offered services.

Risk Management

Just imagine your best game developers leave you at a very crucial point. Outsourcing solves this problem quickly and with zero stress. It offers the best developers for you and your budget, effectively handling the whole process.

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Accessible Advanced Technology

Game development requires advanced tools and technologies. Purchasing these tools can be highly expensive, especially for small companies. Game development outsourcing allows you to hire highly qualified professionals having hands-on experience with the latest technologies at low costs. Get access to cutting-edge technology without compromising on your budget.

Market Expansion

Your firm's whole scope may increase due to its global impact. As a result, your project becomes more well-known and obtains insightful data. In addition, the gaming sector might pick up new growth methods and commercial expansion strategies.

Better Compliance

Outsourcing operations allows you to create automated compliance management systems. This ultimately decreases the number of bugs and takes less time to form the project compliance reports.

More Time for Management

As your business grows, tasks increase rapidly, and a single caretaker cannot manage the whole hierarchy. Tasks such as maintaining financial records, filing tax files, and managing human resources require an additional task force.

Outsourcing your game gives you much free time to look deeply into the minor areas of your business. You can promote your business on new channels, develop new ideas, and run all the internal administrative tasks.

Diverse Opinions

Keeping your projects limited to your in-house employees could lead to a lack of required exposure. On the other hand, getting opinions from an outsider could take your products and services to newer levels. This will also lead to innovative thoughts and ideas.

More Content

Game developers have exposure to many different domains and can have several designations in their portfolios, including game artists, game designers, developers, etc. Choosing the correct portfolio title will allow uniqueness without putting a lot of pressure on the on-site employees. They can then generate new ideas and could stack up more content. In addition, new IPs could be generated from scratch.

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Why Outsourcing Game Development is Important for Businesses

Outsourcing Game Development should be made an integral part of the business domain. It helps the business to reduce potential costs and schedule a timeframe to meet the milestones. Building a team from scratch consumes a lot of time. Outsourcing helps businesses to construct a team in the right hierarchy at the right time.

It's a great way of saving big-budget resources while getting the best results. Companies enjoy increased productivity rates as the higher designated employees can even look into trivial matters as the internal team works on the game development. Outsourcing increases the pace of the entire game development process and builds high-quality and engaging games.

Outsourcing produces high-quality gaming products and allows the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and structured teams with flexible time schedules and costs. It also eliminates the delay caused by purchasing, developing, deploying, and recruiting the right talent.

Now, if somebody asks me the question, should I outsource game development?

My answer would be definitely yes.

Should You Outsource Game Development?

Outsourcing provides clients excellent opportunities to avail services in whatever business function they want to succeed. Therefore, knowing what parts of the game you should outsource is very important:

Complete Game Development Outsourcing Process

If you are a new company or already have a lot on your plate, outsourcing game development is a good option. The company takes care of the coding, styling, quality, and release; you don't have to experience stress while getting involved in the process. However, monitoring the process with one or two key resources who discuss progress with you in person is almost a mandatory aspect.


This will suit you when you need experts for your game development. The people you hire work closely with the product team to fulfill your criterion.


Once the entire game is built, it is tested to ensure there are no backdoors for malicious activity. If the burden of projects already occupies the internal team, then an external team is given the task. These agencies employ frameworks such as Calabash and Appium for automated testing and check progress on all screen sizes.

Outsource Art and Animation

A visually appealing game gains more players. Games sometimes require a lot of artistic input, such as characters, automobiles, skyscrapers, and even alien-like creatures. Outsourcing helps build these creative designs as the development team may have gas to fill at the creative phase.

So, are you ready to outsource?

Outsourcing game development simply means cutting out all the extra costs. Selecting only those parts you want to outsource helps fill resource gaps without worrying about the due dates and the outcome.

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How Cubix Helps with Outsourcing Game Development

Outsourcing Game Development is a critical task, especially if you are a new company or startup. Choosing the right company to outsource to is critical. Whichever one you choose will determine how smoothly the entire process will go.

Team Cubix is a full-stack product development unit that has skilled mobile application developers. As our team continues to evolve and has expertise in the latest technologies and outsourcing trends, we guarantee to deliver the very best.

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