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Enterprise Blockchain Development

As a prominent blockchain development partner, Cubix crafts tailored enterprise blockchain based products to optimize operations. We offer sophisticated distributed ledger infrastructure, streamlined integration of legacy systems onto blockchains, and robust corporate security protocols.

Decentralized Application Development (DApps)

Cubix is one of the top-tier blockchain app development companies that designs and develops feature-rich DApps, using smart contracts and web3. Our skilled developers provide highly scalable and interoperable blockchain assets for businesses seeking innovation.

Blockchain Protocol Development

With in-depth protocol expertise, Cubix crafts tailored protocols for unique use cases. Our expertise include customized consensus algorithms, network architecture design and advanced cryptography.

Smart Contract Development

Cubix develops optimized, secure smart contracts via our skilled blockchain developers. Our blockchain expertise spans requirements, auditing, and deployment, ensuring contractual integrity.

Asset Tokenization Development

Cubix is dedicated to developing tailor-made solutions for the tokenization of real-world assets over the blockchain. Our offerings in asset tokenization development allow issuing, listing, and trading of digital representations with backed value.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Being among the top-rated blockchain companies in the USA, Cubix builds full-fledged cryptocurrency exchanges. Offerings include brokerage platforms and advanced DEXs for asset tokenization and global market access.

Blockchain System Integration & Upgrades

Our blockchain integration and upgrade services ensure your blockchain solution remains at the cutting edge. Cubix integrates blockchain technology with your existing systems seamlessly and provides upgrades to incorporate the latest in blockchain innovations.

Full Lifecycle Blockchain QA & Testing

Quality assurance and testing are critical at Cubix. Our full lifecycle blockchain QA & testing process covers everything from initial audits to final stress tests, ensuring your blockchain solution is robust, secure, and ready for launch.

Platforms we develop Blockchain solutions on

We develop our cutting-edge Blockchain products on the best available platforms in today’s day and age, like Ethereum, R3 Corda, and Hyperledger Fabric.


Exploit the ubiquity of the Web to reach wide audiences with deep, engaging experiences that run equally well on desktop browsers and mobile devices.


Develop high-performance and visually appealing games on all Apple devices, making sure the experience is seamless and highly engaging and optimized for iOS.


Unlock access to the world's largest user base: Android games are engineered to be universally understood and implemented perfectly on a variety of devices, thus increasing reach and user engagement.

Driving Innovation through Custom Blockchain Development

Next-Gen Blockchain Innovations

Explore the future with blockchain applications for wearables, adding a layer of personal interaction to technology on the move.

Flexible Engagement Models

To suit your project needs, choose from adaptable engagement models, including full outsourcing, dedicated teams, or developer augmentation.

Assured Quality Development

Rely on the exceptional craftsmanship of our blockchain experts, supported by a rich mix of technological skills and diverse industry experience.

Cost-Effective Transactions

Businesses prefer blockchain to reduce transaction costs significantly and do away with intermediaries, apart from making financial operations efficient.

Enhanced Security and Transparency

Create unrivaled transparency and traceability all through the product lifecycle with blockchain. Ensure the security and integrity of the supply chain.

Innovative Payment Gateways

Enhance your offerings with blockchain-based payment gateways, enabling faster transactions and improved liquidity of assets.

Operational Excellence

Leverage blockchain technology to elevate your business's operational efficiency, optimizing financial processes in real-time globally.

Accelerated Blockchain Launch

Fast-track your blockchain project with our quick initiation process, regular updates, and a minimum viable product ready in months.

Our Proven Approach to Blockchain Excellence

From conceptualization to deployment and beyond, our proven methodology ensures your blockchain applications are secure, scalable, and tailored to your unique requirements.


Conceptualization & Strategy

Defining the vision, setting strategic goals, and mapping the blockchain journey.


Design & Architecture

Creating the technical blueprint, focusing on smart contracts and security.


Development & Testing

Building and rigorously testing for optimal performance and security.


Deployment & Integration

Launching blockchain products and integrating them seamlessly with existing systems.


Support & Evolution

Ensuring comprehensive upkeep and reliable post-launch support services.

Blockchain Development Experts You Can Count On

With 15+ years in the industry, Cubix helped shape the evolving Blockchain landscape.

Our diverse team of 350+ passionate artists, designers, and developers has spearheaded projects both small and large. From custom blockchain solutions to platform based games, Cubix has all the expertise to bring your creative vision to life.

Industries We Transform

We're reshaping industries with revolutionary blockchain innovation, expanding the horizons of what's possible and redefining the success of prestigious enterprises across the globe.

  • Finance

    Cubix empowers financial institutions with secure solutions for asset digitalization, including smart contracts for neobanks and crypto management.

  • Healthcare

    Cubix transforms healthcare with blockchain products that secure patient data and streamline health records, enhancing care and operational efficiency.

  • Gaming

    Cubix propels the gaming industry forward by creating decentralized platforms for fair play, transparent in-game economies, and new monetization avenues.

  • Retail

    Cubix drives retail innovation by creating systems for supply chain authentication, secure transactions, and customer loyalty programs built on trust and transparency.

  • Retail

    Cubix leverages custom blockchain programming to streamline property transactions, fortify land registries, and unlock new investment and revenue streams.

  • Logistics

    Through blockchain-based apps, Cubix optimizes logistics, offering transparent supply chain systems, enhanced tracking, and efficient delivery systems.

  • Energy & Natural Resources

    Cubix empowers the energy and natural resources sectors by providing traceable, secure, and efficient transaction systems that foster sustainable practices.

Why Global Brands Prefere Cubix for Blockchain Development?

As a trusted blockchain application development company, Cubix offers just the right expertise to convert your ideas into practical, secure, and scalable solutions.

  • Experts in leading enterprise blockchain platforms

  • Skilled in deploying public blockchain networks

  • Proven ability to develop software solutions across diverse industries

  • Proficient in secure hashing and key exchange protocols

  • Custom blockchain software that meet your specific goals

  • Secure planning, development, and deployment

  • User-friendly interface for your blockchain application’s target audience

  • Future scalability for potential growth when building your blockchain solution

Blockchain App Development - Technology Stack

Being a custom blockchain services provider company, we utilize scalable and tested technologies to deliver excellence.















Advanced Capabilities of Innovative Blockchain Solutions

AI-Driven Intelligent Experiences

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to build blockchain apps with advanced capabilities like predictive analytics, intelligent personal assistants, and adaptive user interfaces.

Immersive AR/VR/XR Experiences

Leverage the latest advancements in extended reality (XR), including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR), to create captivating, responsive experiences that redefine user engagement.

5G-Optimized Performance

With the help of a reputable custom blockchain development company, develop solutions optimized for 5G networks, unlocking lightning-fast speeds, ultra-low latency, and enhanced bandwidth to power innovative, data-intensive use cases.

Adaptive Wearable Integrations

Upgrade your blockchain solutions with a diverse range of wearable devices, from smartwatches and fitness trackers to AR/VR headsets, enabling seamless cross-device experiences.

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

Seamlessly connect your blockchain solutions with a wide range of smart devices, home automation systems, and industrial IoT solutions, enabling powerful cross-platform control and data-driven insights.

Cubix Blockchain Projects Gallery

We architect transformative blockchain platforms that redefine industry benchmarks and enhance user trust with our blockchain expertise.

Our clients simply love what we do.

Proud to serve as the innovation partner for industry leaders who have experienced our expertise and excellence firsthand.

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"The team stood out because of their swift response time and patience. Cubix provided one contact person, which helped streamline project management and coordination. Not only did Cubix follow the budget and timeline, the team even offered additional services at no extra charge."


Karen Agresti, Founder


"Willing to accommodate nonprofit budgets, Cubix brought their robust experience to the project. They checked in consistently, and were communicative, easy to reach, and responsive. The Android app shows over 500 downloads to date."


Melissa Steward, VP of Marketing

National Fatherhood Initiative

"Thank you again for the successful launch of the 3M and Converse applications. Your dedication, hard-work, flexibility, patience and professionalism is recognized and appreciated. I would recommend Social Cubix to any company wishing to create their application!"


Michael Guzman, Director


"The app sparked interest in the market and attracted initial users, while receiving no complaints about its functionality or usability. Cubix excelled at addressing user experience concerns, communicating clearly, and investing in the project's potential."


John Yates, Founder

Pee Spots

Blockchain Applications We’ve Mastered

  • Cryptocurrency and Digital Payments

  • Supply Chain Traceability and Transparency

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

  • Smart Contracts and Automation

  • Decentralized Marketplaces and Exchanges

  • Digital Voting and Governance

  • Real Estate and Title Registry

  • Health Data Management

  • Intellectual Property Rights Management

  • Loyalty and Rewards Programs

  • Tokenization of Assets

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