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5 Sep, 2022


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Web3 Developer

With constant evolution in the development of Web technology, we can finally say that the future of the Web is here. However, if we go back in time and look at the era of the 90s and how the world used to be back then, we would find out that there was only Web1, primarily a read-only medium. It was a decentralized collection of static web pages which we could only read. Nonetheless, when Web2 was introduced in the early 2000s, it took the internet to a new level. From read-only, now we could also read & write stuff. Now, we could post our blog, read other people’s blogs, etc.

Compared to Web1, which was quite disorganized, Web2 concentrated on a few large platforms. These platforms owned our posts and our data. To be exact, it owned us. But when we talk about Web3, it promises to hand some of that ownership back through tokens and voting rights by rewiring how the Web works. It has been said that Web3 would create a read, written, and owned system. Built on Blockchain, a shared ledger or database, it would, in theory, be decentralized, distributed, and peer-to-peer.

The best-known example of what it might look like is cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, and Tether. However, there are also NFTs, which allow ownership over digital objects, and Distributed Autonomous Organizations DAOs, which help groups of people organize and make decisions.

Instead of trading their data for free services, Web3 users earn tokens and crypto coins for their online contributions like reporting bugs or validating transactions, also called mining. They can then trade these tokens and crypto coins directly with other users. This adds up to a web where users have more data ownership, online identity, and a say in how the internet works—the functionality of Web2 and decentralization of Web1, being community-driven and self-governing.

So, now that we know what Web3 development is let’s look at how we can hire Web3 engineers.

What to consider while employing Web3 engineers?

There are various abilities and gifts that a Web3 engineer ought to have. Recruitment specialists should be specific regarding what they’re looking for in a candidate. In any case, the three primary factors that ought to be considered while employing are given underneath.

  • Paying attention to their skills
  • How to locate them?
  • Shortlisting the selected Web3 developers

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1. Paying attention to their skills

There are many strengths and abilities that a Web3 developer must have. However, some skills are mandatory for a developer to possess, no matter what. They are:

  • Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Web3 SDKs/dApps
  • Nodes
  • Smart Contracts

While hiring, these are skills that a Web3 engineer needs to have. If the engineer knows how to work around cryptocurrency wallets, evaluate closely. Does the engineer know anything about Web3 SDKs/dApps? Do they know about storing and distributing Blockchain data which is Nodes’ task? Does the engineer know about the smart contract?

All of these aspects are essential if you’re hiring a Web3 engineer.

2. How to locate them?

Some recruiters try to use every channel to find promising new talent. However, this should not be suggested or authorized in any way. It has been demonstrated that such an evaluation requires some guesswork and reduces the suitability of the process cycle. Therefore, the best advice for the most potent way to enroll Web3 engineers is to contact the specific recruiting organization/office that plans to establish potential matches between the organization and the agent.

The second way to find the best Web3 designer is through the social layer and some independent hiring websites or applications.

Again, you’ll be shocked at the number of talented people you’ll find on these platforms, hone their skills, and need another open the door to serve as a stepping stone to a new path.

3. Shortlisting the selected Web3 developers

Using several presented rules from various applications is the finest technique for narrowing down the pool of the most talented Web3 engineers. A fundamental step is to portray the endeavor and the degree of work. This step will make it more straightforward to pick what sort of Web3 engineer you are searching for. Numerous models come into mind. For example, if you are looking for somebody to set up the structure and gather the backend for your e-commerce business site, you will require a backend planner/designer. Likewise, you will require an app engineer or a full-stack designer if you are looking for someone who can plan and make an application.

Finally, get some information about what projects they have worked on, their experience, the engineers’ methodology, how they work, their process cycle, etc. In any case, you should know these points of concern before you finalize your decision.

How does Cubix help with Web3 development?

With our impeccable track record, Cubix has always been quick to convey valuable and robust outcomes when providing the client with first-rate services. Cubix has a three-step robust process. These ideas have helped immensely in achieving a client’s expectations. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Development

1. Planning

There is much more to planning than what people often believe. Cubix has always been quite structured—for example, arranging corporate business negotiations, detail of specific archives, and planning wireframes. After this, the client’s input is essential to proceed further with the work.

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2. Designing

Designing has many layers with creative intricacies. Nevertheless, Cubix’ designers are genuinely outstanding in the field. So be it creating an application’s model, rolling out the expected improvements, and so on, Cubix will consistently deliver.

3. Development

The development stage is the third and most significant of these stages. Numerous essential advances are worked on and carried out in this stage. But, again, Cubix’s development team has all the skills, from fostering a system to the testing stage. Then, finally, the items’ improvement and delivery come right into place.

The client’s demands are eventually communicated through a few extra steps, and it is undeniable that Cubix delivers appealing results.



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