Developing a Car Racing Game: Complete Process Explained


24 Jun, 2022


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What can be the most exciting genre other than racing games that get the racers’ heart rate going crazy in seconds?

Racing has always been admired – whether you participate in 24 Hours of Le Mans, France (an annual sports car race) or want to experience the same enthusiasm from the comfort of your couch in a Need For Speed world-known racing game – you will never get enough of it!

The game industry has upgraded its production to leverage technology and help businesses gain value. Due to the emergence of advanced technology, highly functional and robust car racing games are being built with appealing car game designs worldwide.

However, the car racing game design process requires the designer’s passion for crafting flawless car game designs – car games ignite emotions. So, let’s discuss what it takes to build a car racing game.

Creating Your First Car Racing Game?

Consider the user’s love for racing games. What would the race tracks or locations be like in Dubai, France, New York, and more? How would your game environment look? What features?

When developing racing games, keep the minor details in check to ensure that your game encompasses quality factors that help your game stand out. For example, accurately modeling your in-game traction, overtaking approach, tire behavior, steering wheel control, driving physics, and other car racing attributes dictate your game’s excellency.

You certainly want to deploy a thrill-filled functioning racing game and elevate the driver’s gaming experience with the rocket-powered car speed that doesn’t let the other cars win the race. So, here’s a process for car game development.

Car Racing Game Development Process


There are hundreds of game development companies focused on developing games. Still, there will be only one (might be two or three) lucky racing game that will rock the game industry like Burnout Paradise Remastered, which has been a successful racer game.

The car racing game idea requires high creativity and a quick-witted plan as the solid game development idea takes your game by storm. A clear and well-defined game idea helps the tech team build with agility and makes the user base addicted to it.

Game Design

The design of the software defines your game idea and speaks volumes about your expertise. Moreover, an intuitive game design can hook users with addictive gameplay, focusing on the user experience and the game design layout.

The car game design includes conceptualization of the game environment setup, graphic elements, 2D/3D interfaces, vehicle designs – color, wheels, and other specifications, game track/location, game themes, audio effects, game mechanics, and so more.

The overall car game design is documented in the Game Design Document to help the development team achieve goals. Therefore, the car racing game design process plays a vital role in your success.

Platform and Technology Selection

Selecting the platform for your car racing game is essential as you can develop your online car racing game on various platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, and more. The platform selection impacts your overall gaming success, so choose a platform where you can find more of your targeted race lovers.

On the other hand, Unity and Unreal game engine serve as the best game development engines, and developers worldwide prefer using these engines to build 3D games. Unity, especially, allows developers to make apps for Linux, Windows, and other platforms with an integrated development environment (IDE). This game engine for car racing games offers a quick and collaborative game development process.

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Testing and Deployment

Testing is the most crucial stage in car game development as it determines the game quality and discovers the game’s defects. The testing phase includes stress testing, performance testing, security testing, solving bugs/errors, and several other testing practices. Finally, testers run the game in the production environment to test the broken codes and user experience.

When all crucial aspects of a racing game are tested, the game is processed to the deployment stage, where the team deploys games in the market.

Features of Top Car Racing Game Apps

Indeed, game apps that offer a personalized gaming experience have 40% more potential to increase user interaction with your game. Moreover, the user-tailored game content hooks players longer in the appealing virtual world.

To that end, it is preferred to adapt the user model in the car racing game design process that helps capture user playing skills or user characteristics while enabling them to modify game features with altering algorithms. In addition, the user model analyzes user data and in-game interactions to identify user performance records in car racing games.

Moreover, some sim racing games offer the opportunity to train users by involving them in risky driving scenarios so that they could drive rough with their handy in-game expertise in the actual racing game scenarios.

To understand the impact of game challenges on the user base, research shows that the higher challenge level increases the user anxiety and the better user skills in handling game challenges make users bored.

Let’s understand which racing features you should include when you create a car racing game.

Location and Maps

Road maps help users know how far the winning line is, what cars are nearby, and how many cars a user has crossed. Maps also guide car racers to the designated area if they get off the track in the open-world racing games. Moreover, some racing games allow users to choose the racing tracks (deserted or offshore) and location (USA, Dubai, etc.).

Open-world Race Track

Like Grand Theft Auto V, adding open-world elements to the racing games can bring more fun and thrill to the game experience. The open-world racing game offers exquisite game visuals, which result in increased user engagement. Moreover, the day and night mode can add value to the open-world racing games.


Racing games that implement the flashback feature help racers improve their driving skills. Flashback helps the user determine the faults of the driver which resulted in the accident or why the car was destroyed. Most racing games provide an option to turn this feature off.

Background Music and Sound Effects

Game audio effects impact the player base. Sounds effects motivate the users to engage more in the racing scenarios, evoke emotional and physical responses (increased heart rate, respiration rate), and understand the game mechanics faster. Moreover, the proper choice of soundtrack results in an immersive gaming experience.

In-game Challenges

In-game challenges make the racing game even more thrilling. A car race where a user has to win despite the challenges like – A broken track, a hill, an unexpected appearance of a heavy vehicle, a wall, or a building – offers a highly immersive game experience.

How to Hire Car Racing Game Developers?

Hire racing game developers based on their past game development experience. You can also hire offshore game developers with the best development abilities that fulfill your game development requirements.

Hire a tech-geek with the abilities to implement the game concept and storyline in the game mechanics, generate game scripts, translate design ideas into a functional game code, code game base engine, create levels, model game characters, add audio effects, and can fix bugs and errors.

However, hiring a game development team from a niched game development company can add significant value to your game and help you hit the top-charted revenues.

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Duration for Online Car Racing Games

It depends on your game size, features, functionalities, and above all, the expertise of your hired game development workforce. However, diligent game developers’ estimated duration of building a car racing game is about 3 to 6 months.

Ready to Create Your Online Car Racing Game?

The game development industry is evolving fast while helping tech businesses gain massive profits with emerging technology. For example, the revenue generation through racing games has reached $2.5 B in 2022 and is expected to increase by $3.5 B in U.S Dollars by 2026.

Why is Cubix the Best Fit for Car Racing Game Development?

Cubix has earned incomparable worldwide recognition for developing market-leading games for its popular clients and partners. The veteran pro game developers understand the nitty-gritty during the process for car game development and therefore practice the best game development strategies that dictate their proficiency and dexterity.

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