5 Real-World Applications of Augmented Reality You Hadn’t Thought of


3 Oct, 2019


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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has emerged as an interesting and significant tool for tech-driven solutions. The technology overlays virtual objects and information in real-time on real-world scenes. Snapchat animated characters are a great example of Augmented Reality.

By 2020, the number of Augment Reality users will exceed 1 billion, while 543 startups are already registered in the category of AR.

My first interaction with Augmented Reality was pretty late, now that I think of its birth and applications. I remember dropping my jaws when I found that I could virtually try on glasses on Ray-Ban’s website and see how it looked on me. Damn, technology!

It’s interesting how Augmented Reality allows customers to visualize products and see how it feels to use and own the product. But, it’s one of the hundreds of applications of the technology.

Let’s explore the real-world applications of AR that are often overlooked and see how the tech will change business dynamics in the coming times!

AR Enables Quick and Accurate Diagnosis of Diseases

The technology has tremendous scope in healthcare. Augmented Reality enables surgeons to example the patient’s anatomy by entering CT scan and MRI data into an AR-driven platform. AR will allow surgeons to visualize internal body organs, bones, and muscles without opening a body.

There was a time when surgeons used handheld scanners to find major vessels around the wound. Now, AR displays 3D virtual images and helps them locates the blood vessels.

AR helps surgeons in accurately analyzing patient’s conditions, especially to locate bleeding, tumors, cysts, and other similar medical conditions. Also, it saves time and surgeons can perform emergency surgeries quicker.

Tourism Made Easier with AR Apps

AR has tremendous implications in the tourism industry. Hotels, museums, amusements parks, and others can generate tourism demand by creating all-round tours. It encourages people to visit these places and experience them feel for real.

Also, cliché pamphlets fail to amaze users. AR creates 3D animations from flyers. Hotels like Marriott are collaborating with AR-driven companies for interactive advertisements in magazines.

AR entertains people when waiting in long ques for tickers with interactive 3D characters. It also displays information in creative 3D animations about museum objects and other tourist locations.

The technology is a life-save for tourists. AR apps let tourists find the direction, nearby eateries, routes, and places of interest by directly pointing towards transportation mediums.

And the biggest challenge for foreign tourists is the language barrier.  Not everyone can speak in English, and it gets difficult to understand the local signs in a foreign language. Augmented Reality apps can enhance travel experiences by translating the signs. Talk to one of the best enterprise development companies to exploit AR.

    AR Transforming the Retail Industry

Augmented Reality enables people to virtually try out the products before purchasing. It gives a clear idea of how the product will look and feel, helping customers decide accordingly.

IKEA is utilizing the technology well with its IKEA Place mobile app, built with Apple’s ARKit. The app lets users scan their rooms, offices, or other areas and design the space using IKEA’s products. You can check whether the cupboard you love will fit in your room or not.

Similarly, the ColorSnap Visualizer app by Sherwin-Williams helps users choose the paint color for their spaces. The app recognizes walls and paints them with over 1500 shades to help select the one you love the most.

e-Business Marketing Director at Sherwin Williams, Meghan Vickers says ‘Instant paint provides a fast, seamless way for homeowners and professionals to build confidence during color selection’.

Also, Sephora lets its customer try out products on their digital face. Customers can try different lipsticks, eyeshadows, and other cosmetic products, to choose one they like the most on their face.

The AR technology helps boost sales, especially for online stores as it lets customers virtually try out the product.


Autonomous Vehicles and AR

Autonomous cars once seemed a far-fetched dream. Thanks to technological advancements that Tesla might build an autonomous car by the end of 2020.

Augmented Reality is a key stakeholder when it comes to autonomous vehicles. The technology integrates virtual environments with a real-world environment to test the vehicles. AR creates virtual roads, cars, and infrastructure, training driverless cars to interact accordingly.

WayRay, an Alibaba-funded startup, is producing AR solutions for phone alerts and navigation for driverless cars. It partners directly with automobile manufacturers for a heads-up display. The riders will enjoy a big-screen entertainment system in the car, forgetting they are in a car.

Also, rearview mirrors of the autonomous vehicles will come with an iris scanning, like that of Apple’s FaceID. The car will adjust seating, music, and temperature to the preferences of the rider.

  Indoor Navigation with AR

It’s impossible to live a day without Google Maps, at least for me. I have stopped making an effort to learn the routes because I can always use the map.

Augmented Reality takes the game forward by introducing indoor navigation for spacious buildings with multiple floors and rooms. You don’t want to ask a hundred people where the hotel’s café is, right?

With AR-driven maps, you can find your way in hospitals, shopping malls, universities, airports, and more. Gatwick Airport is already using the technology, providing routes to gates and terminals, based on the user’s flight details.

Exploit Augmented Reality for Your Business

Augmented Reality is going to completely revolutionize the future. We are already witnessing how businesses have adopted the technology to transform their game.

Intriguing real-time features allow users to experience the products and services before purchasing. Not to forget it that reduces customer dissatisfaction, because customers already know how the product would look and feel.

Sephora and Ray-Ban are some examples. Augmented Reality will soon become the say of the day, and you’d see multiple industries leveraging from it.

What’s stopping you from taking one step forward with Augmented Reality? Get ahead of the competition with AR-driven solutions that attract, engage, and retain users like never before. We are recognized among the best offshore development companies and are ready to build your AR solution.

Let’s discuss how AR can revolutionize your business!



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