On-Demand Delivery

On-Demand Delivery App For Accurate Tracking

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Track What You Order/Deliver, Real-time

From tiny ones to tonnes, everything that’s shipped can be tracked by you and your customers


Track from Start to End

Keep in track of your products right from the time it gets out the warehouse till it reaches your doorstep.


Monitor Every Move

Assigning delivery personnel, cash flow monitoring and the complete course of fulfillment is under your control.

On-Demand Delivery Tracking App for All Deliverables

From tiny ones to tonnes, everything that’s shipped can be tracked by you and your customers

Retail Commerce Industry

Retail Commerce Industry

Gadgets, furniture, apparels, accessories, electronics, books, toys and everything else your ecommerce store sells.

Food And Grocery Industry

Food and Grocery Industry

Serve fresh groceries, flowers, freshly prepared food to the doorsteps of your customers on-demand.

Package Delivery Industry

Package Delivery Industry

Small, medium or large sized deliverables, anything can be picked, packed and shipped using our delivery app.

App for Customers, Delivery Personnel and Business Owners

Our delivery app informs every level of users involved in a product’s sale and delivery


Bestow order tracking prowess for customers

  • Real-time information about the progress of an order fulfillment.
  • Customers can rate and review on a delivery effort.


Facilitate your delivery team with smart tools that provide assistance on-the-go

  • Real-time notifications of orders assigned
  • Map integrations for finding the shortest path to reach pickup and drop locations
  • Accept orders based on distance by setting threshold limits
  • ‘My Account’ page for handling everything related to tasks and revenue

Business Owners

Streamline your delivery operations right from task delegation to revenue handling

  • A single dashboard to view current statuses of all orders in the course of fulfillment.
  • Assign deliverer and vehicle based on pickup location.
  • Speed up product pickup by assigning the nearest deliver person available.
  • Monitoring cash collected by each deliverer in COD scenarios.

Loaded With Comprehensive Features

that meet micro to macro level delivery requirements

Navigate the nearest way to the destination

Delivery service providers can navigate the way to pick up points and delivery points with the help of our delivery app. Integration of Google Maps, Google places API and assistance of GPS technology help delivery personnels take the shortest route, identify landmarks and view their advancement towards the destination every second.


Real-time status updates

Our delivery app keeps the admin and customers informed about the progress of a delivery process. ‘Picked’, ‘In transit’ and ‘Dropped’ are the three statuses which gets updated into the tracking database in real-time as and when the deliverer changes it.


Information delivered to your fingertips

Our delivery app is seamlessly connected across all the three user touchpoints (admin, deliverer, customer) to make sure all the notifications are received in real time. Delivery status, location status, payment status etc are informed to appropriate users via push notifications.


Have an eye on everything that happens

Admin control will have complete control over the order and delivery team. Once an order is received, admin has the liberty to assign a particular deliverer for picking the order, delegate bulk orders to a team and do much more.


Voice your feedback about a delivery service

Like any other customer feedback system, you can also get customer feedback via reviews and ratings for each delivery. This feedback will be collected by the deliverer at the time and place of delivery from the customer.


The ultimate database of a deliverer

Deliverers who have signed up for the order fulfillment service of your business will have exclusive profiles with all official information pinned to it. Information on the total number of orders, pending orders, delivered orders, payment received via COD per day / month can be accessed any time.


On-Demand Delivery App Integrations

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