Insight Machine - A Machine Learning solution for businesses.

A data robot empowered by state of the art machine-learning algorithms. It works in autopilot mode to analyze the data of organizations.

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Analyze data, predict future

With its smooth and stunning GUI, you won’t be writing code for inputting the data.

Cubix Insight Machine Ml Engine

ML Engine

It empowers data scientists, developers, and people in business to bring and build greater machine learning models to production.

Cubix Insight Machine Cube Sight

Cube Sight

Image Analysis at its finest, Cube Sight extracts the needed information from digital images leveraging digital image processing techniques

Cubix Insight Machine Cube Match

Cube Match

Cube Match obtains information system resources through scanning a collection of information resources and compiles them.

Cubix Insight Machine Creating New Project

Create New Project

Creating your project to start training data sets, predicting targets and extracting the result is super easy. Just log in with your username and password along with providing first details.

Cubix Insight Machine Upload File

Upload File

Data can be uploaded in various file types including CSV, Excel sheet, Google sheet, etc. Pick the data of your choice and make it a project.

Cubix Insight Machine Prediction Prerequisites

Prediction Prerequisites

Give data fields and choose the prediction you want.  Insight Machine includes automatic as well as manual predictive features. It includes parameter tuning along with displaying data details

Cubix Insight Machine Generating Result S

Generating Result

The Insight Machine uses the set of an algorithm that is best suitable for your query and will predict an absolute result according to the uploaded data and given parameters. Leverage accurate data results to step ahead in your business.

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