Cubix Hero - A powerful RPG engine to create stunning games.

A massive online multiplayer RPG game engine where a character can start as a novice in the game-world and progress through different levels to become the master.

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Create a spectacular game environment

Build powerful and stunning games on the go.

Cubix Hero Simple Scripting

Simple Scripting

The powerful editor enables you to get pass tedious content for quests and build game sequences rapidly.

Cubix Hero Mapworld Engine

MapWorld Engine

Discovering the ecosphere of a game is an essential facet of many RPGs. Players can walk through an environment.

Cubix Hero Missions Engine

Mission Engine

It helps in making interactive story games even when the user doesn’t know to code.

Cubix Hero Easy To Use

Easy to use

Powered by initiative and easy to learn interface, you can design every part of the game via visual editors.

Cubix Hero Lots Of Handy Built In Editors

Drag & Drop Editor

The RPG engine includes scene-editor, text-editor, cubic-model creator, tile-map editor, and a 2D image animation importer.

Cubix Hero Talent Systems

Talent System

This unit allows people to see the state of their transaction, from transaction-ID, this explorer also helps people

Cubix Hero Create Your Own Game

Create game environments

Make your own game with drag and drop usability and turn your dream into a reality. RPG engine lets you build game environments, characters, and spells that best fits your imagination.

Cubix Hero Avatar Engine

Avatar Engine

Avatar Engine is a full character creation platform for designers & developers to easily create, import and customizes assets for 2D & 3D character generation, animation, rendering, and interactive design.

Cubix Hero Reward System

Rewards System

We believe that in any RPG, the reward system is one of the most essential elements. It incentivizes the players to act convincingly, and thus profoundly impacts what kind of role- play happens. Our Reward system is specially designed for such role play game entities.


Battle Log

Battle system has the capability where playable characters can fight with each other. Like any classic turn-based system, one player may act at a time.


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