Blankos Block Party Banks Monster $1.25B Valuation


11 Jan, 2022


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The NFT market has taken the gaming world by storm. Valuations are now in billions because of player interest, which is based on earning opportunities doing what they do best. But this is not just about players, as many realize the massive investment opportunities. While obstacles still prevail on the technical side, it’s likely that restrictions will ease to accommodate a thriving gaming industry.

A16z Crypto produced several NFT stalwarts this year, with a $ 23M Series. They came up with $ 100 million more in funds during Series B, under Andreessen Horowitz with a $1.5B valuation. Additionally, Ashton Kutcher, NEA’s Connect Ventures, Kevin Hartz, Coatue, and Michael Ovitz were among those who made investments in the organization.

Compared to competing entities in the NFT sphere, A16z’s recent funding is unusually earlier than one would have expected. Mythical Games, Blankos Block Party, reached us earlier and formed tens of thousands in its player base just a short time ago. Moreover, the organization managed $ 75M in Series B funding from the firm shortly after raising $ 150M in Series C funding.

Many blockchain games feature basic gameplay and quite impressive economies. This meant that the idea of new Crypto gaming entities is now becoming more popular. Founding members of Crypto have built a significant amount of these titles, and the crypto economy is leading the way.

Why Invest in Mythical Games?

We have a next-generation game gripping the attention of developers because gaming experts themselves have programmed it. The team designed a platform according to gameplay requirements as a priority and did so with the idea of basing it on blockchain-tech.

It’s a gaming technology studio that focuses mainstreaming player-owned economies through a tool to create AAA games based on Blockchain. Playing Blankos, a digital vinyl toy part of the Mythical Platform, is the first game built.

‘ Season 0 ‘ by Mythical, released in June of 2021, already has thousands of players and influential partners, including Deadmau5 and Burberry.

Compared to other names, Blankos Block Party tends to hint at blockchain usage just like Fall Guys hints at a subscription-based model.

Linden asserts that the company digs deeper into the workings of cryptocurrency and how it works. Investors must be conscious about their investment as they measure how much of what they invest in is conventional production and where things go beyond that. The balance between tradition and new tech ability is now pushing the envelope, with millions of avatars as NFTs created through the platform.

Users are quite aware that they are benefitting significantly. For example, they know they can easily sell their assets that they bought with in-game currency in exchange for real money.

First Developer Partnership Announced with the Blockchain Game Economy

With unicorn status, the company could make it attractive to game developers since they harness the blockchain and the idea of the in-game economy. Their “P2E” game will be developed through external funds.

Games using a decentralized digital ledger (Blockchain) for authenticating rare/scarce objects with higher transparency and security show that the idea of NFTs games has caught on. With aiming to promote higher complexity under in-game economies by leveraging NFTs, the goal is to prevent users from remaining lost or confused in the cryptocurrency world.

Furthermore, a16z’s Simpson says: It seems to clearly be the future of gaming – a massive market.

Neither Google nor Apple’s app stores offer support for NFT or cryptocurrency payments. Some stores even impose restrictions on NFT titles, which directly affects Blanko. It’s clear that platforms have avoided upgrading their in-game payment schemes, but some titles may now also be restricted due to legal uncertainty.

Blankos is downloadable through the company’s website but unavailable as a mobile phone game. Furthermore, it isn’t downloadable at PC game stores either.

Despite being without mobile accessibility, it has tremendous potential.

Simpson believes that if it has a mobile dimension to its existence, it will add much more to its future. However, the desktop version will still be huge. To reinforce this viewpoint, it’s noteworthy that high-value numbers have been known to occur with the desktop.



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