Salman Lakhani Inducted in Forbes Next 1000

Zen Ameer

28 Mar, 2022


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Salman Lakhani Inducted in Forbes

Success is often a result of some gains amid a series of failures. This blend of results refines your approach, pointing you in the right direction as you move ahead. You eventually reach a stage where your efforts and resilience start earning recognition. This is a brief story of that minority who succeed in their endeavors because of resilience propped up by a multitude of elements that make them who they are as entrepreneurs.

A Minefield of Trials Awaits You on Your Way to Success

The incredible success story of Salman Lakhani stands testimony to the struggles, trials, and heartbreak that comprise the successful individual he is today. You simply can’t expect your path to entrepreneurial success to be dotted with happy moments full of ease. That’s just not how it is.

In fact, you should expect the opposite to happen throughout your journey. Only then will you be pleased when the good things eventually show up even in their minutest proportion. That’s not to say that you should be pessimistic; it means that you should be mentally prepared to deal with disappointments all the way with the belief that businesses take time to build. And what you want to achieve is on the other side of the troubles you contend with.

The Path to Success

Needless to say, Salman Lakhani has enjoyed and endured the ups and downs, respectively, taking each result, good or bad, as a lesson to improve his knowledge and make better decisions. Such a process is never smooth, and it can be as brutal as walking on thorns with no shoes. But if you have the will to tread this path, success can be yours too. Although it’s easy to get bogged down, you can’t have a defeatist mindset even when things get truly difficult. You must stay focused and positive even when there’s nothing positive on the horizon.

To digress a tad further and talk a little more about what success may look like, it may be akin to a horizontal line on a graph running parallel to the x-axis. Sometimes, when success does come your way, that horizontal line can curve upward suddenly or even rocket perpendicularly. Just picture that.

But that’s the thing about determination. Miracles happen when you don’t give up. That’s probably why Salman Lakhani says, “I never give up.”

The Calls Will Come and the Landscape Will Change

Be it Gitex (2018), Brand of the Year (2020), or Startup Grind (2020), Salman Lakhani has been a recipient of major awards and invitations to prestigious events and conferences. Moreover, Cubix has been listed in various software development rating lists over several years. And now, the new horizon that Salman has reached with Cubix is Forbes Next 1000 of 2021.

Forbes Next 1000 – 2021

On its website, Forbes mentions, “Individuals do not pay a fee for placement on Forbes lists, which are independently determined.” This indicates that the selection of entrepreneurs is purely merit-based and a result of the reputation Salman has built over many years.

His profile for this selection indicates the key points of his business accolades with Cubix. The company is now widely known as a full-stack software product development company that leverages the latest technologies for blockchain-based solutions, NFT game development, Fintech, AR, VR, and related areas.

Established by Salman in 2008, the Cubix has more than 500 clients, including Sapient, Politico, and AT&T. Its revenue for 2020 exceeded $2 million. But that’s not all, as Salman is a team player, a team leader, and a people’s person.

How Cubix is Different from Many Others

You could probably point out several differences between Cubix and others in the same arena, but there is one aspect worth highlighting here; Salman takes deep pride in the fact that Cubix is perhaps the only company in Pakistan where today’s employees are tomorrow’s business owners. This reveals so much more about his mindset and how much time he spends nurturing the talent around him. Establishing a business and running it successfully is by no means easy. And to build multiple businesses ahead of that is quite incredible.

You tend to feel that this is only possible when you understand almost thoroughly what works and what doesn’t. But as Salman says, a lot of the decisions you make will be wrong, and that’s why you must do your homework and plan as much as you can. There will always be some miscalculations, but it’s clearly his experience and business sense that gives him that edge of being right. And then, at some point, things start to pay off. Salman lakhani’s induction into Forbes Next 1000 is a major milestone among many more that can be expected to come his way.


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