Popular Projects that Chose Real-time Node.js Apps


7 Sep, 2021


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Popular Projects

Handheld smart devices have become a necessity for people and businesses worldwide. Today, thousands of apps are being developed as market demand rises with millions of people using mobile phones. Correspondingly, the software development industry has moved to cater to a more efficient process with technologies driving it. Innovative software, such as the node.js framework, have been introduced, and these have taken the software world to the next level.

JavaScript has offered multiple incredible software development platforms such as Reactive Native, NativeScript, and many more. However, node.js has proved itself beyond expectation. Due to the enormous benefits enjoyed with node.js apps, companies are developing results-driven mobile apps using the node.js framework, and these apps are being installed on a large scale.

Let’s delve in deeper to get an idea of some apps that have been developed with Node.js technology and unearth why the Node.js framework is a top choice for application development. But, before we do that, let’s take a look at some of the key attributes Node.js apps demonstrate.

Advantages of Node.js apps?

  • Scalability: Node.js is designed for product longevity and is compatible with various modern technologies.
  • Flexibility: Node.js offers flexibility for developers with initial builds, providing ongoing maintenance. By combining JSON with Node.js, you can easily exchange information between the webserver and client server side.
  • Enhanced performance: It offers speedy app functionality as its code runs fast and responds quickly, which reduces the loading speed of an app. This optimizes your app search engine.
  • Cross-platform development: With cross-platform development, you can link a mobile app to a desktop application, which reduces software development time and offers cost-efficiency.
  • Rapid development: Node.js provides developers feature-rich tools and templates. In addition, Node.js comprises an extensive library with numerous open-source options that are ready for implementation, resulting in rapid deployment to market.

Why Smart Companies Build Node.js Apps?

Node has wide-ranging tools, an open-source library, and templates. According to the Node.JS user survey report, full-stack developers rated Node.js as their go-to framework. This shows that Node.js has strengthened the IT industry with its incredible benefits. From introducing robust applications to powerful libraries and toolkits, it provides an out-of-the-box approach for software development. In addition, this technology has several key strengths that make it stand out from other market players.

Mobile Compatibility

There are two ways to build efficient mobile node.js apps. First, you can choose a framework like Ionic-oriented for developing hybrid apps. Second, you can opt for cross-platform development with React Native. The role of Node.js is limited to retaining the app’s business logic on the server. You can run JavaScript on the client-side to achieve performance close to native applications by choosing specialized frameworks. To that end, node.js offers robust mobile application development to deliver the best outcomes to your business.


Among the most beneficial key features of Node.js is the shareability on both sides of the fence. That means Node.js can be used for backend and frontend development. This speeds up the development process for mobile apps and reduces server-side maintenance. In addition, node.js applications have code that’s short and runs fast. Its multiple tools hand us this advantage, which prominently contribute to optimizing the app development cycle.

Microservice Architecture

It is a method of designing software systems to structure a single application as a collection of loosely coupled services. Saying that applications tend to begin as a monolithic architecture, microservices are at their peak despite this settled trend in app development. In contrast to splitting small services, node.js offers perfect solutions to support the best of microservices due to the event-driven, non-blocking I/O model and its bunch of ready-to-use modules present in NPM.

Now, let’s come back to the main topic concerning node.js apps real-time examples.

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Node.js Apps that Serve Popular Platform


This e-commerce application is a favorite app for millions; however, developing this platform was a little tricky. To make all the elements work together properly in your application, you would need to choose the right tech stack. To that end, choosing node.js e-commerce development can support you all the way. eBay is a brilliant example of this.

eBay is an American e-commerce platform that offers B2C (business-to-consumer) and C2C (customer-to-customer) services. This platform is famous for online shopping, and online merchants use this platform as a marketing channel. eBay contains thousands of products and offers many different services. It has been developed using the Node.js framework, and is an e-commerce platform; it provides a secure means of buying and selling goods with millions of transactions. It gives buyers the credibility to trust eBay as well as sellers associated with it. Due to its two-sided benefits, eBay has become the go-to place for collectors, who can source things they wouldn’t find locally.


Thanks to the node.js framework and developers who helped bring us a captivating entertainment source. It is built on the Node.js framework with more than 81 million subscribers globally. Netflix considered NodeJS because of the advantages it promised. You can get an idea of its value based on the fact that node’s data storage capacity encompasses thousands of movies, series, anime documentaries, and millions of secured profiles (of people).


Technology has facilitated us beyond our imagination, and Uber is a tremendous example of this, being a popular taxi booking app with massive stored data and GPS integration. The framework upon which it is built permits you to store data on a large scale, including the profiles of Uber drivers and the general public. In addition, it now offers delivery services to your doorstep, which means that it holds even more data, including shops and grocery stores. Although this app is being widely used globally, it works efficiently; from requesting a ride to easy and secure payment methods, Uber is going exceptionally well.


It is the world’s largest professional network that professionals across the globe use. LinkedIn chose Node.js to build a complex and heavy networking platform. This app enables you to find suitable jobs and internships by connecting you with many people and developing your professional relationships with many recruiters. It is a cross-platform app that can be used on various devices.


Yahoo is an internet portal that deals comprises a search engine with related services like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, and more. Yahoo’s Node.js developers implemented Node.js on the frontend and the backend. With powerful search capabilities and hosting thousands of sites, whatever you jot down in its search bar, you can find everything.

Final Thoughts

We discussed the advantages and the areas where node.js apps are being used. Node.js is undoubtedly a leading choice to level up your app development process, and particularly leverage real-time node.js e-commerce app benefits.

Therefore, choose your technology wisely when you want to develop your mobile app. At the same time, finalizing your tech stack isn’t enough; you also need to find an expert NodeJS app development company to build your project according to plan.

So, do you want to share your app development idea with us to make sure it’s viable?



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