Will Vision Pro Revolutionize The Way We ‘Experience’ Things?

Mahad Kazmi

19 Feb, 2024


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Will Vision Pro revolutionize

Throughout history, the human capability to adapt to every new trend or environment has separated us from other species. Whether to make vehicles, aircrafts, or spaceships out of the simple invention of the “wheel” or change the filmmaking or healthcare industry through the invention of the “light bulb.” There’s no “one” leader of mankind; in fact, it is our ability to adapt that has gotten us where we are. 

When the first fully functional mobile phone came out, only a couple of people had access to it and couldn’t wrap their heads around what was theirs. Motorola created the revolutionary invention. Then, many others, like Apple and Nokia, developed it. It’s “the perfect invention” because it puts everything you need in your pocket, so you don’t need newspapers, notebooks, or large cameras.” But is this where technology really stops? 

Apple Vision Pro – The New Tech Game-Changer

First announced in June 2023, the Apple Vision Pro was disregarded entirely by the tech community of the world as “just another VR headset” or labeled as a cash-grab by Apple. Professional tech YouTubers and reviewers didn’t get early access to the device until later in the year. This completely changed their opinions and led them to call it the biggest piece of futuristic technology any tech company has ever created. 

Why? Well, for starters, it’s not just a “VR/AR Headset.” How so? Most VR/AR headsets need an external device, like a computer, laptop, or phone, to use its operating system. In contrast, the Apple Vision Pro has its own operating system, revolutionizing the industry. That’s right, the new Vision Pro created by Apple uses VisionOS. It’s a completely new operating system inspired by the iOS. This allows professional app developers a new kind of freedom.

You don’t need to connect your Vision Pro to any external device, but you can connect it to your MAC for further accessibility, as Apple generously allows that. What makes this so unique is that you now have a standalone device with a standalone operating system that is ever so efficient. The only problem for now is that the new operating system only has 600 apps that offer Vision Pro functionality in its app store. 

This “problem” is beneficial because many businesses have apps lost in the crowded iOS app store. They can make a new app for the Apple Vision Pro app store. Then, they’ll be one of the first apps on the new-gen device and solidify their spot.

Revolutionizing “The Human Experience”

Technological advancements are made every day. People around the world feel like “the human experience” is being taken away from them. Whether it be a concert filled with people recording on their phones or people focusing more on having the “perfect” digital footprint. The human experiences filled with intimate connections with people are becoming increasingly rare. A non-isolated environment where communication is held, bonds are made, and experiences are shared is disappearing day by day. 

Gen-Z is already titled “the digital generation.” For technology to advance, it has to hit that sweet spot where human creativity, empathy, and intuition meet everything. Whether it is accuracy or speed, technology has to offer. It isn’t a question of “making tasks easier” anymore. It’s making tasks easier but also requiring that comforting human input for a more effective experience. The Apple Vision Pro perfectly encapsulates that. It makes “the human experience” revolutionary as the perfect next-gen device.

At its core, the Vision Pro 2024 makes room for a paradigm shift, marking its territory as the perfect fusion of humanity and technology. This new gadget invites people all over the world to create, engage, and explore the world in ways that were previously impossible. The Apple Vision Pro is more than a device. It’s proving to be a gateway to a world where the lines of what’s virtual and what’s real blur. There, intuition meets innovation, and the human spirit thrives.

The crowded VR/AR devices that exist can’t compare to the sheer technological power of the Apple Vision Pro. Standing apart as a beacon of possibility, it outshines them all. People are already starting their journey to a more profound and authentic “human experience.”

Is Apple Vision Pro Going To Transform The World?

Released on the 2nd of February, 2024, Apple was able to sell over 200,000 Vision Pro devices on the first day of release. Predicted to sell half a million units by the end of March, people globally are awaiting the arrival of the Vision Pro at the nearest Apple store. The most common question on people’s minds is: Can it really transform the world?

The short answer would be no, but for now. This is because the Apple Vision Pro only has 600 compatible apps for now. This limitation is one of the reasons why people don’t see the Apple Vision Pro revolutionizing how we experience things. Businesses around the world are contacting Apple Vision Pro App Developers to get their apps working on the device. It’s generating unprecedented sales. 

As the VisionOS app store gets more and more apps, we could potentially see a huge shift in the technological world. Most people with smartphones would drastically reduce their screen time as they wear their Vision Pro and do whatever they want. This creates room for multitasking at its peak while also fulfilling their attention span. 


In conclusion, the Apple Vision Pro is set to revolutionize how we “experience” things as time goes on. This is according to the sales it is generating and the positive reviews. However, there are no definites yet, and all we can do is ponder. How it’ll most likely do that is by creating room for creative minds to excel. Previously, one would have to get their phone, unlock it, and open the app they want to use. On the Vision Pro, they could do much more using the same amount of time. Take notes while watching a video, exercise with your form and health displayed in front of you, and multitask in its most efficient form. 

This is the only reason companies and businesses around the world have already started developing or updating their apps for the new Apple Vision Pro app store and VisionOS. If you are one of them, look no further. We already have the required skills to create apps for the Apple Vision Pro. With a clientele of several Fortune 500 companies and businesses around the world, you couldn’t do better. Let Cubix be your guide to transforming your brand into the new world. Contact us now!

Are you excited about the future of the Apple Vision Pro and VisionOS? We sure are!


Mahad Kazmi

Mahad Kazmi, a 6+ year tech writer, tackles industry trends. Reader by day, a footballer, a bookworm & dad of four cats by night.


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