Cubix wins curious’ project for an anonymous social media platform

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8 May, 2020

Cubix recently won Curious’ project for an interactive social media platform. The project was taken over by Cubix, with the promise to deliver an unmatched social platform.

Curious was looking for a reliable mobile app development company that can deliver intriguing mobile apps with flawless functionality and intricate designs. Cubix, the top mobile app development company, became the right choice for Curious for its unmatched excellence.

Curious is a location based anonymous social platform where users can post text, media (images, video and voice) or the combination of both. But their posts will only be visible and can be responded by users around the certain radius.. The mobile app allows users to share things while staying anonymous, ensuring high-end privacy and security of users. Users will share content without revealing gender, race, or age. Keeping in mind the reluctance of people in sharing their personal data, Curious’ thrilling social platform is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

Curious targets people who are uncomfortable in revealing their identities, stories or feelings to build social connection. It’s a platform for interacting with people in your neighbourhood and fostering meaningful relationships amongst one another.

The social platform will allow users to create new groups and join trending groups to connect with users sharing similar interests and hobbies. The timeline will display content from connections and groups joined by the user. Every user will have an avatar, instead of regular profile pictures ensuring a sense of security.

Cubix has gone above and beyond to deliver the first milestone in no time. The project managers and development team at Cubix have been in contact since we onboarded the client. The coordination between the two companies has allowed Cubix to meet the timelines and delivering exciting wireframes and functional releases.

Cubix realizes the urgency of the project, as Curious has already faced delays in the project with its previous development agency. Our ambitious development team has, thus, worked tirelessly to compensate for the loss and is ready to deploy the platform within the next few weeks.

About Cubix

Cubix started its operations in 2008 as a software development company and has emerged into the top mobile app development in a decade. With expertise in the latest technologies including Blockchain, AI, AR/VR, and more, Cubix has successfully satisfied over 500 clients, serving multiple Fortune 500 Companies. The company is determined to provide highest-quality software solutions, chart-topping mobile apps, and industry-leading tech products for startups and enterprises.

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