SecondWorld Collaborates with Cubix for the Next Best Blockchain Game

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17 Jun, 2022

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Florida, June 17, 2022: Brace yourself for a new game about to hit the desktop gaming market, and you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Game development giant, Cubix, with an exceptional resume for developing robust games, are set to deliver yet another captivating and engaging game for their esteemed client, Second World.

Second World is a play-to-earn game backed by Blockchain and NFT technology. The idea is to move beyond the restricted world we live in and gain access to
everything possible by transforming it into virtual reality.

Whether you have fancied building the Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower, thanks to the latest and innovative Metaverse technology, you can do this too. You can create an entire virtual city. The only restriction is your imagination.

Second World – The Concept Behind the Game

The game aims to construct your towns economically and aesthetically in terms of enhancing their earnings and worth in the online market. You will gain points as you grow your metropolis and improve its revenue, allowing you to purchase better structures for your town, expanding its revenue and profits, and much more.

You will be rewarded with SWIO for your in-game actions. SWIO is a cryptocurrency with real-world worth. This currency will be exchangeable with other cryptocurrencies on marketplaces.

SWIO – The Cryptocurrency

You need SWIO to play the game, and you will acquire this currency by participating in the game. SWIO applies to both, places and structures that you can possess when you fulfill payment for them. These assets will also produce an SWIO return once you own them.

SWIO is a token used to purchase and trade areas and structures on the online market. You receive a token as a prize for improving your spots. SWIO may also be purchased with a credit card on the Second World platform via centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges.

Current Status

The Second World team visited our offices in April 2022 and was convinced Cubix was the right choice to build their desired game. Since then, the game development company has worked efficiently and tirelessly toward wheeling this game into existence.

Cubix has exceeded all expectations for developing the game’s MVP, which will be released at the end of Q3 2022.

About Cubix

With its headquarters in Florida, USA, Cubix serves clients worldwide with innovative digital products that help them reach their goals. Since 2008, Cubix has built tons of mobile games, enterprise-level software, mobile apps, web apps, and websites for businesses across several industries.

About Second World

Second World is a team comprising some of the brightest and tech-savvy individual and group contributors to game development harnessing NFTs, blockchain tech, Tokenomics, Smart contracts, 3D strategy, architecture video game technology based on the “Play to Earn” model.

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