Transforming In-Game Success Into Real Prizes

About the App

Boodle is a free mobile app developed by Vesey Studios that allows users to earn gift cards and rewards by playing games and completing offers. From casual games to quick offers, Boodle integrates entertainment with an opportunity to collect prizes. These points can then be redeemed for e-gift cards from brands including Amazon, Nike, and more.

Location: New York, United States


Our Challenge

The challenge was to build a feature-rich mobile app for Boodle, allowing users to earn rewards through an innovative rewards system gameplay while ensuring security and utmost user satisfaction.

Amazing Rewards Through Fun and Interaction

For an immersive experience that empowers users, Boodle app seamlessly tracks gameplay across a diverse game catalog, crediting points redeemable for gift cards from popular brands.

  • Gameplay Points: Earn points from casual games for amazing gift cards.

  • Social Sharing: Share referral links to earn extra game points.

  • Rewards Catalog: Redeem accumulated points for brand gift cards.

  • Progress Tracking: Monitor total points and milestone status.

Gift Card Rewards for Casual Gaming Enthusiasts

By mapping in-game activities and achievements to real-world rewards, Boodle introduces a novel concept of allowing users to earn gift cards and merchandise incentives through casual mobile gameplay

Boodle: Your Go-to Place for Fun, Play & Rewards

Boodle is the premier mobile app for enjoying casual games while accumulating points redeemable for gift cards from top brands. Developed by Vesey Studios, Boodle integrates gaming and prizes seamlessly. At Cubix, we focus on creating exceptional digital experiences. For Boodle, our designers crafted intuitive interfaces for smooth reward earning. Users easily accumulate and redeem points through Boodle's unified design.

Our collaboration with Vesey Studios drives continuous innovation to enhance Boodle's features and boost user engagement. Director Raul Salcedo and his team optimize based on behavior analytics, evolving Boodle into the leading mobile destination for casual gamers seeking real rewards.

Project Results

  • Attained over 500K user downloads within a year of launch

  • Achieved an average rating of 3.5+ on key app stores

  • Acquired 100K+ active users in the first 3 months post release

  • Enhanced user engagement through intuitive reward mechanics

  • Increased gameplay hours with a diverse catalog of casual games

  • Optimized the review process for new game integrations

  • Rollout of social sharing features promoted community growth

  • Extended the design framework to strengthen UX consistency

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