A Mystery Of Farming In An Adventure Game

About the Game

In Mexico's picturesque yet mysterious heart, Bright Farm unfolds as a gripping role-play adventure. Players don a detective's hat, navigating through a vibrant farm to solve a perplexing murder case. Bright Farm blends the charm of farm life with the thrill of detective work, offering an engaging dual experience.

Location: New York, United States

Explore Mexico's Mysteries While Solving Murder

Immerse yourself in the vibrant landscapes of rural Mexico. Traverse through this rich setting and uncover the secrets of a perplexing murder case.

Balance Detective Skills with Farm Management

Harmonize your life as a detective with farm responsibilities. Juggle the tasks of clue gathering and case solving with farm management.

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Discover Hidden Clues while Nurturing Crops

Unearth vital clues hidden amidst your daily chores of tending to crops and livestock, weaving together the threads of this mysterious narrative.

Cubix collaborates with Bright Farm to create a game that ingeniously combines the art of mystery-solving with the joys of farm management.

The Intrigue and Harvest of Bright Farm

Bright Farm stands out with its combination of mystery-solving and farm cultivation. Notable features include:

  • Diverse Clue-Based Locations: Forge, Shack, River, Mine, Barn

  • Engaging Farming Activities with Various Crops

  • Laboratory for Evidence Analysis

  • Challenging Puzzles and Engaging Narrative

  • Beautifully Crafted Environments Inspired by Mexican Scenery

  • Interactive Gameplay that Balances Detective Work with Farm Management

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