Chachi’s App Features

Chachi’s features allow users to come up with their own healthy homemade meals and cooking. The features of this ap are sure to delight anyone and everyone who loves to cook.


You can add your dishes to the app in seconds.


You can get requests about what to cook from users in your area.


Users post their reviews and like your dishes


You get notified when someone folows you or likes your dishes.

Cook and Share

Goinf global is what’s it’s all about. Cook and share wherever you go.

Stunning UI

The app’s stunning, easy-to-use interface makes it a dream to operate.

User Experience

The way you order and get food delivered will never be the same again. you can offer and request food all over the world with this great foodie app. let’s transform the food experience!


The Challenge

The greatest issue we faced was tha there were other competitors in the market. The challenge was how to generate buzz on the app stores and get traffice and subsequent downloads on the app. However, our team of talented individuals modifited the process so that the app would be favored on the app stores


Chachi’s was developed on the both iOS and Android platforms. The app is live on both App Store and Play Store.


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Having your food delivered will never be the same again. Request home cooked meals, pick it up or have it delivered, make recommendations and leave reviews, see who is cooking and what’s cooking, share foods, dishes, create a profile, and join the food community; you can do all that much more with this great foodie app.

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