Baby Dragon Soar Through Asian Skies in a Game

About the Game

Baby Dragon elevates mobile gaming with captivating Asian-inspired levels and dynamic arcade gameplay. Available on Android and iOS, this game invites players to navigate treacherous platforms, guiding their dragon through beautifully crafted landscapes and collecting coins to unlock new characters.

Location: California, United States

A Fun Journey with Aka and Aya Dragons of Legend

Master intuitive swipe controls and pulse-pounding special abilities to outmaneuver 1200+ exotic alien threats across randomly generated planets.

A Fun-filled Game that Keep Getting Tough

Master the art of the jump with Baby Dragon's innovative gameplay. Tilt, tap, and soar higher, embracing the thrill and joy of progression.

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Master the Skies in Jump 'n' Run Game with Skill

With dynamic gameplay features, including platform jumping and power-ups, Baby Dragon offers a challenging yet rewarding experience.

Cubix joins forces with Baby Dragon to create an arcade platformer that's not just a game but a cultural journey, offering players an immersive leap into Asian-inspired digital realms.

The Thrill and Culture of Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon captivates with its blend of adrenaline-pumping gameplay and cultural homage. Notable features include:

  • Stunning Asian-Inspired Level Designs

  • Intuitive Tilt and Tap Control System

  • Engaging Power-Ups: Jetpack, Coin Magnet, and Shields

  • Real-Time Challenges and Obstacle Navigation

  • Unlockable Characters and Environments

  • Competitive Endless Mode with Leaderboards

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