Elevating Your Running Experience

About the Client

EveryRunn is a dynamic platform that propels runners towards their fitness goals by offering tools to track performance, discover running spots, and connect with a community of enthusiasts. It serves as a digital nexus for runners, enabling them to share experiences, participate in events, and foster a culture of health and motivation.

Location: California, United States


Our Challenge

The challenge was to create an engaging and functional app needed to offer performance tracking, community building, and motivational features to support runners of all levels.

Run, Track, Connect: Everyrunn Features

Everyrunn brings runners together through shared experiences and goals. The app's standout features include:

  • Performance Stasts: Comprehensive tracking of runs & fitness progress.

  • Event Participation: Join & create running events to build community.

  • Running Spot Discovery: Find and share favorite running locations.

  • Live Tracking: Sharing location with loved ones for peace of mind.

Empower Your Running Journey

From live GPS tracking for safety to connecting with iTunes for an enhanced experience, Everyrunn introduces an intuitive app for runners to connect, compete, and share their passion for running.

Your Personal Running Companion

EveryRunn redefines the running experience by seamlessly integrating performance tracking with social networking. This platform offers runners a unique way to monitor their progress, connect with peers, and engage in local events, all aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle. With EveryRunn, users have immediate access to running spots, live tracking for safety, and the ability to enjoy music from their iTunes library, enriching their fitness journey.

The app's commitment to building a vibrant community of runners underscores Cubix's dedication to developing solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of fitness enthusiasts, making EveryRunn an essential tool for anyone passionate about running.

Project Results

  • Increased engagement within the running community.

  • Greater discovery and utilization of local running spots.

  • High participation rate in organized running events.

  • Enhanced performance tracking and goal achievement.

  • Safe running experiences through live tracking features.

  • Integration with iTunes improved the running experience.

  • Positive feedback on the app's social networking features.

  • Recognition for innovation in health and fitness technology.

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