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About the App

Horof is a revolutionary online learning platform that brings together talented tutors and motivated learners globally. The app transforms education by facilitating access to live online courses on diverse subjects ranging from core academics to vocational skills.

Location: Saudi Arabia


Our Challenge

Creating a global platform for learners and tutors with accessible learning experiences, a user-friendly interface, secure payments, and a diverse course catalog.

Enabling Self-Paced, E-Learning for Everyone

Horof's user-centric design approach focuses on crafting an interactive experience optimized for collaboration and convenience.Key features include:

  • Intuitive Interface: Simplified navigation, virtual classrooms, tools.

  • Personalized Assistance: Recommends relevant resources on your needs.

  • Privacy Controls: Adjustable settings for user visibility.

  • Global Discovery: Leverages location data, connects peers worldwide.

Empowering Lifelong Learning on the Go

Horof's extensive course catalog, 24/7 classroom access, affordable pricing and personalized recommendations empower convenient skill development anytime, anywhere through one's mobile device.

Ultimate App for Lifelong Learning and Skill

Horof is reimagining the way global communities access valuable knowledge resources. The platform strives to fulfill each individual's potential through on-demand virtual courses delivered by distinguished tutors worldwide.

Our team designed a user-centric platform, enhancing virtual learning experiences worldwide. Through ongoing innovation, we introduced advanced features like interactive forums and personalized study paths, elevating educational standards globally. Cubix's dedication to product evolution ensures Horof empowers learners everywhere with cutting-edge solutions.

Project Results

  • Expanded catalog covering trending fields through new tutor partnerships

  • Streamlined course discovery and simplified enrollment

  • Enhanced classroom tools facilitating student-teacher interaction

  • Personalized study dashboards and performance tracking features

  • Increased student satisfaction through customized communication channels

  • Secured more 5-star app reviews highlighting ease of use

  • Successfully piloted volume-based tuition models for accessibility

  • Implemented single sign-on integrating with leading social platforms

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