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About the App

HotSet is a digital solution catering to the specific needs of filming production houses. The app assists with streamlining on-set administration, staff responsibilities, and ensuring health safety compliance amid pandemic challenges.

Multiple features integrated into an intuitive mobile interface aid with tasks including contactless communication.

Location: China


Our Challenge

We faced the challenge of building an effective solution for filming production operations safely amid pandemic disruptions. The goal was to develop a secure app allowing remote on-set interactions

Streamline Production Operations

HotSet's design aims to empower dispersed production collaboration through an engaging experience. Key Features include:

  • Real-time alerts keep administrators informed of new submissions

  • Offers paperless options for provisioning wardrobe items

  • Consolidated control centers provide oversight across teams and tasks

  • Provides centralized real-time visibility and controls over entire team

Streamlining Contactless Productions Remotely

Through its specially tailored solutions, HotSet leverages technology to remove physical barriers inherent to production operations—enabling contactless filming without compromise to collaborative efforts.

Your Ultimate App for Covid-Safe Productions

HotSet revolutionizes filming operations with an integrated platform streamlining administrative and health requirements digitally. Securing production continuity, HotSet facilitates virtual collaboration through contactless workflows that foster efficiency while promoting safety of cast and crew.

Cubix partnered with HotSet team seeking seamless resumption of projects within new operational paradigms. Our expertise cultivated an all-in-one solution centralizing essential functions through one unified portal. CEO Jackie Dallas, an esteemed industry advocate, voiced approval for the care taken ensuring user experience conformed to paramount health protocols aligned with ongoing success of productions.

Project Results

  • Streamlined administrative workflows

  • Optimized production tracking capabilities

  • Comprehensive health protocols adherence

  • Contactless collaboration sans physical barriers

  • Centralized operations management interface

  • Productive remote casting and screening

  • Activity documentation supporting contact tracing

  • Intuitive mobile access empowering flexibility

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