NFT Gaming Platform Development – A New Precedent in Game development


30 Nov, 2021


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NFT Gaming Platform

NFTs have caused quite a stir in the world of game-fi, rebranding the whole notion of owning game assets. While all the credit goes to blockchain technology for making this possible, NFT games, at the moment, have gotten developers and players alike, excited, and investors are throwing their weight behind an array of new games.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are blockchain-powered, unique tokens that serve as valuable and real-world digital assets. This has NFT game development booming worldwide with millions of game enthusiasts opting for blockchain games (NFT games) simply because they are more reliable, efficient, sellable, and more importantly, have growing demand.

Why NFT in Games?

Owning in-game items and selling them for crypto assets or cryptocurrencies is an entertaining and money-making benefit. NFT games have made the gaming industry much more appealing and even credible. Due to immutability, player ownership, and interoperability, NFT games are certainly setting a new precedent in the gaming craze with decentralized gameplay models.

Additionally, NFT gaming hype is unlikely to settle down any time soon, and that’s because of two significant reasons; NFT games benefit players by ensuring in-game items ownership, and in-game rewards/collectibles have real monetary value and can be traded.

Benefits of NFT Game Development

NFTs are becoming more and more popular in the game development sectors as the demand for unique in-game builds. Many have had and also can onboard the NFT bandwagon as a lucrative business opportunity.

What’s even more exciting about NFTs is the P2E model that can produce fresh investment prospects. Let’s face it, the idea of NFTs in games has much more potentials than the traditional way games operated. So, let’s take a look at the associated features.

Despite a range of features associated with NFTs, we’ve only pulled together the key ones.

  • In-Game Ownership – actual ownership that appeals to game enthusiasts for better engagement handing users a source of income.
  • Inferable Scarcity – exclusivity and authenticity are safeguarded by a distributed public ledger.
  • Interconnection – autonomous blockchains serve as the robust backend architecture for other organized games in decentralized network games.
  • Highly-Sealed Environment – blockchain-based gaming solutions promise high-level blockchain security and stability.

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Key Factors that Empower the Gaming Industry

NFT delivers surplus features and a decentralized environment, which empower the NFT gaming industry to a great extent. Leading technologies are harnessing blockchain tech for transforming or even revolutionizing their capability.

Blockchain technology offers a one-of-a-kind transparent ledger distribution that entails multiple nodes and virtual databases, ensuring security and compatibility for other technologies. Let’s take a look at the core features of blockchain tech that benefits gaming platforms:


NFTs are scarce, and their manifestation is transparently demonstrated in the worldwide network.


Tokenization of digital assets on an online gaming platform as NFT yields private access.


The transparent system verifies transactions between gamers and developers. As a result, both traders and receivers have a thorough understanding about the process.

Smart Contracts

They are digital agreements to block fraud and disregard intermediaries.

NFT Game Development Platforms

NFT game development pros extend gameplay services for collecting, creating, and selling virtually owned assets through the following blockchain networks and their operation:

1. Binance Smart Chain NFT Game Development

Blockchain Engineers have crafted NFT-based games using the Binance Smart Chain as its operational framework. BSC is an alternative to Ethereum and other leading Defi (Decentralized Finance). However, many NFT aspirants seek out BSC comparatively more since it offers more effective interoperability than other chains and has an optimized platform usability cost.

This dual-chain architecture empowers users to create their own digital assets and decentralized apps on a single blockchain network. Perhaps you can choose to leverage Binance Smart Chain technology for your NFT game idea.

2. Ethereum NFT Game Development

CryptoKitties was the first game created on the Ethereum network, and this NFT game has been booming ever since. The Ethereum framework was the very first to offer a separate domain for digital assets to be tokenized via specified NFTs. The point is, Ethereum is another choice for NFT Game Development.

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NFT Game Development on Android and iOS

Speaking of the leading NFT development platforms, building NFT games for mobile apps is yet another aspect for investment. You can leverage cross-platform blockchain game development that caters to Android and iOS Operating Systems.

Some Example of NFT Gaming Projects

1 – Blockchain Heroes

This genuine trading card series is based on a megaverse of blockchain-inspired heroes fighting greedy and autocratic supervillains to achieve regionalized power and harmony for the people.

2 – Decentraland

A decentralized 3D virtual reality platform where players can buy and sell virtually-owned lands to other players.

3 – Gods Unchained

This trading card game is free to play and has a play-to-earn model, where players can trade in-game NFTs freely.

4 – CryptoKitties

This is one of the popular NFT games that includes real-world human behaviors, such as breeding and collecting cats, and you can sell those grown cats for considerably more money.

For technical queries, connect with a game development team.

Cubix Supports Next-gen NFT Gaming Development

Cubix is a leading NFT gaming platform development company known for delivering results-driven products. In the world of NFT Game-fi, the company has marked achievements, and most recently, Cubix has been selected as mobile development partner for building MicroPets’ NFT game.

To learn more about MicroPets’ Game Concept, read our blog post.

Millions of people are joining the NFT crypto craze mainly for its good returns in NFT P2E models and investing in NFT game development. While the spiced trend is intact, you should not miss out on opportunities and build your NFT game. Consult the industry’s leading blockchain game developers today.



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