Cubix Caters to Burgeoning NFT Market Serving MicroPets as Its Mobile Game Development Partner

Zen Ameer

17 Nov, 2021


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Mobile gaming is a growing industry that has millions riveted playing one game or another, but it also has a myriad of game development companies engaged in building the next best game. Among these are P2E games or play-to-earn games that allow you to spend time building up revenue as you play.

Why are NFTs Considered Revolutionary for Mobile Game Development?

P2E games are considered excellent news because they are based on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) associated with the blockchain, which means that rewards are immutable and ownership is secure. An ideal example is Micropets, an android and iOS mobile game that Cubix is building. It is based on the Binance Smart Chain, and the rewards essentially take the shape of pets that users come to own exclusively.

Building an NFT game requires you to integrate blockchain technology with your desired gaming platform. Therefore, before executing the development phase, you will need to plan out how to make it all come together.

As an experienced blockchain developer, you will have the expertise and knowledge regarding the complete set of requirements for building an NFT game. Having built an array of games with blockchain technology integrated, Cubix was chosen for developing MicroPets.

MicroPets was keen to announce the game development company it partnered with and even mentioned Cubix’ specific service pages, such as its blockchain development service page and the game development company page. In addition, MicroPets mentioned Cubix as its game development partner on its website.

Likewise, in a recent press release, Cubix announced that it will be building MicroPets’ android and iOS games.

With the entire gaming industry looking toward the idea and implementation of NFTs in games, many will impatiently await the MicroPets mobile game. While this isn’t the first time that pets will be available for ownership, the idea of a new game built by some of the best game developers makes the scenario ever-so-interesting.

The current list of MicroPets’ tokens include:

  • Akita Inu
  • Kishu Inu
  • Hokkaido Inu
  • Shiba Inu
  • Floki
  • Micro Shiba
  • Frunkpuppy
  • Hoge
  • Doge

MicroPets’ Game Concept

MicroPets is a classic side-scrolling runner in which users proceed with their game character collecting coins on their way dodging creatures and obstacles. You can also grab power-ups to build your earning power. To put it more seriously, investors can purchase MicroPets’ tokens. They can purchase a whole crate of them and then open that to receive a cute NFT conceptualized from popular memes in the cryptosphere.

It’s incredible that in around two weeks, the team has drawn more than 22,000 holders. Alongside this, they now have a Telegram channel that is approximately 17,000 members and counting.

A farming system is also being developed alongside the mobile game. However, more significant than this is the team’s plan to expand the concept into the Metaverse in 2022.

These incredible details give MicroPets massive potential, and based on their reputation, there is little doubt that they will fulfill their aims. Moreover, these attractive targets that are part and parcel of the company’s strategy make things even sweeter for Cubix. Having built and launch massive games in the past, developing MicroPets is one to relish.

Cubix- an Ideal Game Development Partner for MicroPets

Cubix, a significant force in the product development arena, has worked with major brands like Walmart, Sapient, Politico, and many more. Therefore, the company was classed as a serious product development partner, precisely what MicroPets was looking for.

MicroPets has left no stone unturned when announcing this partnership, as they have placed their press releases and write-ups on every major digital platform.

Cubix has more than 200 global team members, which says a lot about a company being a serious and quality-driven company. Such strong indicators pulled the two companies together to kick off what is expected to be a new chapter in mobile gaming.

Cubix’ stakeholders are keen P2E gamers and enthusiasts themselves, which means they tend to know more about game development standards. Moreover, their expertise with analyzing and critiquing games and desire to conduct workshops at the conceptual stage reflects their serious approach to technologies and business dynamics. This ensures much encouragement and enthusiasm for a growing number of MicroPets’ followers.

All eyes are on MicroPets as the wait won’t be long, with the launch date in early 2022.


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