5G and its Effects on the Dynamics of Mobile Applications


15 Nov, 2019


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5g and its effects on the dynamics of mobile applications

Innovations in technology, connectivity, and accessibility that increase convenience for consumers, come to light every year. Speed is a priority for successful implementation of such innovations. One of the recent developments in mobile internet connectivity is 5G; a technology offering a high-speed, stable connection, quicker downloads, and transfer of data to globally connected devices.

Commercially available from 2020, 5G will change the world, revolutionizing mobile app development, and uplift the enterprise market. Reports show that by 2025, 1.4 billion devices will utilize the 5G network. Plus, it will increase the global economic output.

These predictions encourage developers to upgrade the existing apps for 5G and develop new apps with 5G possibilities in mind.

Let’s explore the ifs and buts of 5G!

What is 5G?

5G technology will revolutionize the world of mobile apps, primarily because it is not a modification of its predecessors, 4G, 3G, or 2G. Instead, it is an entirely new network architecture that will spark the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

But what is 5G in truth? It is the Fifth-Generation wireless cellular network that will eliminate the need for wire or cable to transfer data, improve communications, and access entertainment services over smartphones. It will allow smart TVs, smart appliances, security systems, and automobiles to access the internet via the 5G network.

It was designed as the ultimate solution to cellular connectivity, providing a smooth and fast connection from start to end. 5G is a game-changing technology in mobile telecommunications that offers data transfer speed of 2.8 GB.

However, speed is not the only salient attribute that makes 5G revolutionary. Here are some of the other features of 5G technology that will impact mobile app development are:

How Will 5G Change the Dynamics of Mobile Apps?

The current era of innovations and technology is a prime time for mobile app development with the increasing use of smartphones and other smart devices. 5G revolution will provide more enhancements with its promise of higher speed, lower latency improving responsiveness, and the possibility of connecting more devices at one time.

5G is said to come out in 2020, and the following are some of the changes you will see in the coming years:

AR/VR-Based Mobile App Development

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality remain relatively unexplored areas when it comes to mobile app development. One of the applications of the 5G network would be the hassle-free integration of AR/VR technologies into mobile apps.

The previous networks were less consistent and unreliable, with a downward graph for their user experience. The improved speed and zero latency expected of 5G will lead to fewer delays and interfaces that will enhance AR/VR experience, making it smoother, reliable, and more life-like.

In the coming years, expect the incorporation of AR/VR in all phases of life. Healthcare, education, army, and others will see the revolutionary benefits when Reality meets Virtual Reality.

AR/VR will go mainstream with the 5G network.

  IoT for Mobile App Development

Internet of Things (IoT) is another advancement in the world of mobile apps that is expected to go mainstream with 5G in the coming years. It has become an indispensable part of app development with numerous applications for consumers and enterprises.

At present, you can already see the integration of IoT in everyday life. For example, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, smartwatches for both Android and iOS, smart TV, and security devices, and others are common nowadays.

5G will allow access to more attributes of IoT that were previously inaccessible over 4G. With fast speed, seamless internet connectivity, lower latency, and increased capacity, 5G will lead to technological milestones that will influence your business strategy. You can expect to see almost every household housing technology voice-controlled and inter-connected, providing unbelievable convenience in everyday tasks.

    Rise of GPS-Enabled Apps

GPS access is also a rising trend in mobile app development. 5G will enhance and speed up the evolution, opening up a plethora of new possibilities that will boost the growth of the tourism industry.

5G will enable developers to build apps that can show all the historical sites around the world, plus a few additional features that increase convenience for users. Additionally, 5G uses higher radio frequencies and short wavelengths that provide much better coverage and connectivity, and high-quality, uninterrupted conversations.

Video Apps and Streaming

Speed and smooth performance are some of the most critical factors that keep your users interested in your mobile app. The minute they find any lagging in displays that disrupts the user experience, they jump ship and switch to other similar apps.

With the 4G network, a bit of lagging was expected. 5G, on the other hand, promises to decrease the delay until the concept becomes a horrible nightmare of the past.

  Incredibly Fast File Transfer

File transfer apps are among the most widely used apps in the app stores. 5G would give these file transfer apps a boost in functionality and performance speed that would improve user experience.

5G transfers data via the electromagnetic spectrum rather than the radio waves, which enables it to speed up the process, eliminating any lag.

   Enhanced User Experience

The faster connectivity of 5G technology will have a significant impact on the user interface of the applications. Visual clarity will improve by a substantial margin that will also influence the user experience.

For comparison, watch a movie on the other networks, 2G, 3G, and 4G; you’ll understand how vast the change with 5G is concerning visual clarity.

Apps will connect and perform at a lightning fast speed, screen load time will decrease, and the UI will be immensely better. To sum it up, 5G will enable developers to upgrade their apps’ functionality, add new features and improve user experience.

   Use of 3D Models

5G will boost the development of AR/VR with mobile app technology. The evolution will also give rise to 3D gaming and immersive augmented reality. 5G-enabled apps combined with 3D printing technology will make it possible to develop 3D models that will help in multiple areas of life including education, construction, healthcare, and more.

   Personalized Chatbots

Chatbots are still relatively a new concept that has more potential waiting to be uncovered. With 5G’s phenomenal speed, better opportunities lie ahead for developers and the users, including the use of chatbots for prompt, real-time feedback.

Predictions for 5G go so far as to say that the technology will lead to the dawn of Tactile Internet, where users can control IoT in real-time. You will see more human-machine interactions and machine-machine interactions; it will be the essence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

   Less Reliance on Hardware

The superfast speed and data transfer capabilities of 5G mean that mobile apps will be less reliant on the processing power of the hardware of mobile phones. Instead, all the processing will fall on the data centers.

Challenges with 5G Evolution

Not all changes will be positive with the 5G revolution. You can also expect some problems to come:

  Security Concerns

The improved speed means that a higher number of devices will be connected to the network at a given time. It may create loopholes in security and privacy policies of app development that developers must keep in mind.

   5G-based Business Model

To unleash the full power of 5G, developers will need to create a 5G-based business model. The entire development process will need an upgrade to cater to the speed of the network.

    Multiple App Versions

Even with the launch of the 5G network, many mobile phones will still be running on 2G, 3G, and 4G connections. It means that mobile app developers will need to design multiple versions for their apps that will run efficiently on all networks, until 5G completely takes over.

Invest in 5G Technology for Your Next Mobile App!

5G network will bring about a revolution for mobile app development with faster connectivity, reliability, and improved functionality. For developers, it will be a game-changer. Not only will there be limitless possibilities for you to improve your app, but it will be a blessing for users concerning UI/UX.

So, when you have an idea for your next mobile, keep in mind how it will compete with the next evolution in technology.

Join the 5G technology trend and share your idea with our app experts!



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