A New Version of Windows: Microsoft’s Teasers and Leaks Reveal Interesting Snippets


18 Jun, 2021


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A New Version of Windows_ Microsoft’s Teasers and Leaks Reveal Interesting Snippets

With around a week to go to the much-anticipated Microsoft Event on June 24, 2021, at 11 a.m. Eastern Time, the corporation has been in the news consistently with all kinds of details emerging. A major one includes Microsoft announcing an end to Windows 10 support by Oct 14, 2025 while we’re anticipating an announcement for a new version of Windows this month. And let’s not forget Satya Nadella who will serve as CEO and Board Chairman.

A New Version of Windows

For all those keenly waiting, there has been much speculation regarding what the new Windows will look like. Some have been calling it Windows 11, which is not the official name. As per Microsoft’s internal codename, Windows 10 version 21H2 is what they are calling this update. Another name we have been seeing appearing here and there is Sun Valley. Regardless of what they are calling it, according to a leak reported, you can take a look at what Windows 11 is going to look in Tom Warren’s Tweet.

The next generation of Windows is expected to open the gates for more opportunities for developers, according to the CEO Satya Nadella. Indeed, this is what conferences and big events like Apple’s WWDC and Microsoft’s events do; they draw the interest of the some of the best hands and brains behind all that you encounter in a new version and all those updates.

Indeed, it’s the application programmers, and the mobile app developers, creative designers, etc. who collaborate, test new software, find loopholes, and make their suggestions so that things can be tightly packed for eventual releases. And it’s just wonderful to see.

Looking at the bigger things that have already launched, you can see how they have grown and evolved over the past year. Microsoft Teams is an example of something offering value that was launched, and now you can see that it has grown substantially.

Microsoft Teams Will Accommodate More Video Call Participants

The need to work from home led to Microsoft Teams’ further development; like Zoom, it could only include 49, but now, it can accommodate 98 people in a video meeting. The times we live in have influenced its growth, and need is the mother of invention or innovation.

Microsoft Edge’s Password Security

While Microsoft Teams’ recent development is a major leap that will allow you to have larger meetings, a small but significant leap is also seen in Microsoft Edge’s password security tool. Everyone knows how hard it can be to manage passwords to various accounts you need to log into daily. A password protected tool is just what you need to take care of this.

The Slow and Certain Death of Internet Explorer

Speaking of Microsoft’s Edge evolving into a much more robust browser, millions of users are still faithful to Internet Explorer. It’s noteworthy to mention that while Microsoft decided to pull the support plug for its pioneering browser, users have not been able to log into their Microsoft accounts via Internet Explorer since November 2020. They have also not been able to access Microsoft Teams web app. And by August 17 2021, the Microsoft 365 app will also be inaccessible through Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Enthusiasts are anticipating a second-generation Surface Duo by October. If this is going to happen, Microsoft has a lot to deliver in terms of the shortcomings associated with Microsoft Surface Duo. Indeed, there is a much it needs to do to remain in competition with other foldable phones.

Fluid Office Documents & Xbox One with xCloud

Few other updates and significant changes that we can expect from Microsoft next week include new fluid Office documents introduced in Teams, OneNote and More. Also, Microsoft is bringing next-gen Xbox games to the Xbox One with xCloud.

And perhaps the biggest news this week in the tech arena is Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella becoming the company’s chairman, and he will occupy both positions. While this news has just emerged, you get the feeling there is more in the build up to the big event on June 24.



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