Advantages of Having Chatbots in Mobile App to Boost-Up Your Sales

Advantages of Having Chatbots in Mobile App to Boost-Up Your Sales

Many online products and businesses are adopting Artificial Intelligence for better reachability. Chatbots are among the leading AI apps that can help many businesses boost their sales through digital media. This technology trend started as a simple tool to answer customer's queries, and now it has evolved into AI technology. Due to a bot, customers get more empathetic answers because it understands the context of a query.

However, businesses are now 24/7 available for customer support without human intervention. Customers can make queries and seek help related to online services or purchases. All you need is to type a question or ask through voice. The Chatbots opened the barrage of interactive opportunities for companies. Here are some more advantages of a bot in mobile apps that can boost-up sale;

Satisfactory Customer Experience

Whether your customer is potential or loyal, they all expect a smooth experience while purchasing through an online platform. So, a significant number of people get satisfied with customer support services. Consumers prefer Chatbots over because the world is digitally transforming, and with bots, businesses can excite their customers.

It's essential that your business is engaging with customers successfully; so, remember the following points;

  • Keep it bug-free and professional
  • Align your bot with the brand/product
  • Use linguistics properly
  • Associate it with well-defined tasks
  • Provide accurate solutions/answers to queries
  • Make sure it works on mobile device smoothly
  • Work Alongside Humans

There's a misconception about Chatbots that they'll take over human services and make everything automatic. However, it may leverage businesses but not in the long run. Bots are currently dealing with human queries according to their capabilities, but it's not enough when humans ask difficult questions.

When a customer asks a common, simple, or informative question, the bot investigates all the data and resolves it. They work alongside humans because when complicated queries come up, they pass them on to a human agent. This way, they solve repetitive queries and let agents handle complex queries. Mobile apps are more likely to have a text-based or voice-activated bot because of the number of users and convenience.

24/7 Service Availability

Many businesses wish to provide customer services 24/7, but practically it's not possible due to a lack of resources. Whether it's after midnight or morning, Chatbots can always cater to your customers' queries. When you're out and unable to link with an agent via call, you can still connect with a bot through a mobile app. Yes! Mobile apps have a bot feature because it's evident that a mobile app can boost business sales due to advanced features like a bot.

Cut Down Operational Costs

You have to pay for customer specialists, computer devices, utility bills, and many other resources in an online business. This can cost you in trillions, but you can significantly reduce it by installing AI Chatbots in your mobile app. If you implement a bot or virtual agent in your online business mobile app development process, you can save almost 30 percent of the total cost.

It makes sense, right? For example, you hire an agent who works 24/7/365, and when you add up the resources, it will cost a lot. Some companies can't even afford it and go for a more conveniently advanced option like a customer support bot.

Offer Progressive Avenues for Sales & Marketing

Human resources can nail a sale, but it's not something that most of them wish to pursue. A well-developed Chatbot solution can boost-up your sales through robust marketing. Some of the benefits you will achieve with a bot are mentioned below;

Improve Customer Engagement

With the Chatbot solution, you can create a fully-personalized interaction with your customers. It offers credible advice related to their shopping preferences and purchase history.

Guidance for marketing funnel

Waiting time is zero because bots don't make customers wait in any queue. These bots guide customers properly and address every query.

Relatable Notifications

Other than boosting sales, they've advanced predicting feature which allows them to predict customer behavior. It also helps them push the right notification to the right person.

Enhance Reach

As the operational timings of a bot are 24/7, they can reach a wide range of people via social media platforms, unlike any human resource.

Expand Brand Value

Chatbots gather customers' data and feedbacks to analyze them. Then use it to communicate effectively in the most righteous way. During mobile app development, you can add a bot as an influential channel for customer support. Sell, product recommendations, and payment options.

Collect Data & Build Engaging Feature

All information or data related to customers, like their contact details, profession, and name, is necessary to build an individual profile.

This way, Chatbot can learn more about customers, their purchases, preferences, products, and much more. This way, you can keep your loyal customers engaged with your products and services via push notifications.

Moreover, bots provide a complete list of customer's desired product details and give out relevant suggestions. The main motive of bot technology is to make human life more manageable and convenient. No matter where you're or what time it is, your concerns will be resolved in no time.

Consistent Optimization and Evaluation

Computer and mobile technology are evolving; the world is transforming into a mobile-first world. You may notice like other smart technologies; Chatbots also require continuous optimization and evaluation. It's essential to track the performance of bots based on relevant areas. These areas can be linguistic capabilities, better user experience, and usability.

To ensure that optimization will occur, you must build a learning cycle, developing significant changes based on observations and analysis. The optimization of a bot help you achieve goals because it includes;

  • Varying messages
  • Modifying new products
  • Incorporating additional information
  • Broadcasting attractive offers
  • Changes in price
  • Boost Brand & Meet Customer's Expectations

You can manufacture products in the factory, but you need to read minds to create a brand or brand identity. Chatbot solutions in mobile app development can promote your brand values on a vast range of offering user-friendly experience and prospects. Customers expect a quick response, seamless interactions, and purposeful answers for every query or complaint.

Indeed, bots are quite capable of meeting these expectations and deliver possible solutions instantly. Following are the ways a bot can help you boost-up sale and meet customers' expectations;

Open rates

Bots interact with every customer and give them a spontaneous response. Business mobile apps with a voice-activated bot are achieving higher open rates than others.


The bot sends them visual content and relevant information regarding products, purchases, or any discount offer to engage your customers.


A personalized experience is another significant feature for any business app. It brings more convenience and satisfaction among customers.

Since your customers can connect with a bot from anywhere at any time, it means no need to depend on human agents. All these factors ensure to earn positive reviews, customer retention, and boost your brand.

Showcase New Services and Products

Having a Chatbot solution in your mobile app means you've a useful platform to broadcast product/company updates. It also helps you reach potentially massive audiences. Bot maintains friendly and consistent customer interaction. It can eliminate the frustration in a customer via ongoing emails and cold calls.

You can form a push notifications series to showcase new services and products in no time. Bots are based on AI technology; that's why they send notifications only to the relevant peoples based on their purchase, interest, and feedback. Indeed, a Chatbot solution is the best way to explain your business's new services and products to the target audience.

Probably Change Nature of the Market

Innovation and marketing are the two main functions of a business. The concept of a business is based on approaching the relevant audience. Due to conventional routes, it's difficult to predict and analyze customer preferences and interests. Bots can change the nature of market activities and strategies of customer services.

Hence, the bot creates excellent customer relations, and it can encourage customers to buy according to their suggestions. It tracks customer interests and their behaviors; so they can push relevant notifications.

Final Takeaway

Voice-activated or text-based bots are among the most beneficial solutions for businesses in the current century. Cubix has an expert mobile app development team that can build the best Chatbot solutions in no time. With a vast amount of AI technology experience, they can help you increase sales and conversion rates.

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