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30 May, 2022


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Best Game Development Engine

MMORPGs are becoming exceedingly jam-packed with each passing day in the gaming arena. It’s a kind of video game that features role-playing game modes – aka Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. People worldwide play MMORPGs only for the sake of character creation, growth, and whatnot (may earn some serious bucks over them). So, this type of game is fun to play in all aspects.

As per the outpouring of online gaming enthusiasts, a sharp demand spike is noteworthy. On the other hand, its open demand features new investment prospects. If you need insights about its building tools, you have landed right, as this post aims to unveil the best development engine for MMORPG. Bear with us!

Why Use a Game Engine for Creating MMORPG Games?

When you don’t want to start from scratch, a resourceful game engine is very handy. There are tools to help us build games extra efficiently without the need to go square one method. But besides that, creating an MMORPG (role-playing game) isn’t as easy as typical game development methods appear. Since these games handle countless players simultaneously, building one doesn’t come with easy trends. So, it won’t be as trouble-free if you’re evading resourceful MMORPG game development service.

Nothing less, but game engines or frameworks are beasts – conducive to effortless game development. These tools help streamline the whole development set-up like the extra helping hands you hired virtually. Regardless of your game genre, game engines fit seamlessly to contribute to your development endeavors. For the MMORPG game creation, knowing it’s complex to build, unlike other games, we should utilize game engines to set our paths to absolute easiness as well as high productivity.

Game Engine Featuring:

  • Integrated Development Environment
  • Reusability
  • Rapid Development
  • Data-Driven
  • AI-incorporated
  • Real-time Rendering
  • And Much More…

What Kind of MMORPG Game Are You Trying To Make?

It’s important to know what you’re making before setting up its building tools. Indeed, various game engines cater to diverse game development types and needs. Because you know your game and its lingering requirements, choosing one would be seamless. Be it a role-playing, first-person shooter, simulations, simple, real-time strategy, or turn-based strategy game. First, you need to know your game and its required tools. Subsequently, that’ll help you understand what you should choose (the right game engine).

It is no surprise that you need quick-witted and inventive game developers and designers to identify your game requirements and proceed according to them while having a conclusive goal. But unfortunately, in many cases, your competitors always have a haunting edge over you.

So, make sure that never happens. First, you need to check your game’s comparability to your possible competitors, and maybe then, you can outwit them – making an improved game than theirs.

Is Your MMORPG Game 2D Or 3D?

At this point, instead of choosing an MMORPG Game Development Engine, you ought to decide your game dimensions. Of course, the more dimensions it has, the better, although all we have at this epoch is 3D. So, 3D is better. But then again, most players still love the performant of 2D games. Why? Not sure, though.

It can be their timeless contribution to gaming enthusiasts. But even so, the world is moving forward, and primordial things will belong to ancient times one way or another. So, if you want to look at the more comprehensive picture, a 3D game development is much better than 2D, although it’s costly when it comes to its development.

How Vibrant Is The Engine’s Community?

Another factor that matters when choosing the best game development engine for MMORPG is knowing its community measures. In addition to having onboard an inventive game engine, it’s also crucial to choose a framework with an active community. Because these members readily contribute to playing its latest inventions without second reasoning.

Ultimately this will also help boost your game growth potentially quite significantly. Besides, even if you manage to have your community in place, there is a high possibility it’ll still require more – and it’s costly.

What Sorts Of Resources Are Available Within The MMORPG Game Engine?

Although choosing the right game engine from a plethora of them is challenging, it becomes easy when you know all the resources each has. Then, a meticulous evaluation will lead you to the right one. But then again, you need to be technical in this demeanor.

Aside from that, every game engine has appropriate tools and libraries that’ll ultimately help create a game. But that’s not enough since building an MMORPG game can be a lucrative investment. Therefore, any compromise in the building process may lead to a feeble game build. That’s why you need to pick from the best – to build the best.

Below is the list of the top game development engines ideal for MMORPG Game development.

Best Game Development Engine for MMORPG


Since its release in 2005, Unity has been delivering incredible possibilities as awe-inspiring games. Whether it’s a 2D game or 3D, it is equipped with leading-edge features that help build wonders. Unity has a large active community and is one of the most popular gaming engines, unlike any. Therefore, creating an MMORPG game in Unity is ideal. Although it develops website games, its capabilities also lie in building games and simulations for mobile phones, consoles, and PCs. Even better, its built apps are extendable to run on various platforms.

MMORPG Games Developed in Unity:

  • Crowfall
  • Gloria Victis: Medieval
  • Pantheon: Rise of The Fallen
  • Albion Online
  • Shroud of The Avatar

Unreal Engine

Developed by Epic Games, Unreal Engine is fully equipped with the right tools (off the shelf) to help you build stunning MMORPG games. Even though it’s not as extensive as Unity, it’s the second-best when you don’t want to go for Unity.

It’s a cross-platform framework that builds apps, games, and simulations for broad platforms like PC, console, website, and mobile. On top of that, it’s natively integrable with the modern, exploding technology – AR and VR. So to build immersive games, Unreal Engine comes as an ideal choice.

MMORPG Games Developed in Unreal Engine:

  • Ashes of Creation
  • The Day Before
  • Fortnite
  • Elyon
  • Mortal Online


This game development engine is loaded with the most generic tools that help developers invent from the basics. Under MIT license permission, Godot is completely free to use – an open-source platform. If you want to build games with content-sensitive UI, the Godot engine has all the right tools in a neat order whenever needed. Additionally, it’s preloaded with a real-time rendering graphics potential that seamlessly runs on many low-end platforms.

The Godot engine has almost everything a developer needs, from animation to optimization. What’s even better is that it completely synchronizes with your team while reducing their pain points.

Game Maker

Speaking of the Game Engine For MMORPG games, you cannot skip this one – Game Maker. Like the above ones, it’s cross-platform – also enables the creation of games for various platforms. This framework is widely used. In contrast, this tool is exceptionally easy since it requires less programming knowledge – on the other hand, users can drag and drop or click and add stuff to build games. On the bright side, it owns the gaming field by producing some of the best games – namely, Spelunky, Super Crate Box, and Hotline Miami. Also, it lays out an intuitive interface and is super easy to use.

MMORPG Games Developed in Game Maker:

  • Undertale
  • Hyper Light Drifter
  • Kingfall

Which Engine is the Best for Your MMORPG Game?

We aim to help you choose from the best. As far as making a crucial choice is concerned, that’s entirely up to you since only you know what your MMORPG game is about and what it needs. So, having that perspective in mind, choose the one that best fits your endgame. Is it Unity? Or Unreal? We’ve itemized the best game engines in a top order to help. Whether it’s Unity or Unreal, either of them is perfectly capable of building the game you need. Nonetheless, there are certain aspects you should compare before making a move. Such as:

  • Game Engine Community
  • Dynamic
  • Developer-friendly
  • Your Requirements
  • And Otherwise…

Hire Top Talent for Creating MMORPG Game

When hiring developers to build the MMORPG game, try to choose from the finest. Having years of experience in this technical yet arty domain (game development), Cubix stays a fine choice like always. We have built top-notch digital solutions to help our clients lead in the industrial atmosphere. Further, our talent pool has widespread expertise, from streamlined game development to deployment demeanors. Lead with us!

The Bottom Line

Developing an MMORPG game isn’t easy, not to mention your game has to be seamless in every angle to rivet gaming enthusiasts. That’s why it’s key to understand every potent aspect included within a game. Maybe then, you can lead. Are you still having second thoughts? Talk to our experts – get the technical help now.



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