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5 Aug, 2019


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Great App

You are probably reading this blog on your mobile phone. That’s how we are addicted to the digital device in our hands and spend over five hours every day, scrolling through different mobile apps. Considering the infinite potential of mobile phones, businesses are opting for an active digital presence through an engaging and interactive mobile app.

But developing a mobile app that makes it to the heart of users is a challenge that many companies fear to take. There are over 3 billion mobile apps available on the app stores, yet very few attract the users. In such saturation, only flawless mobile apps get noticed.

This article helps you choose the right tech partner who knows the art of developing intriguing mobile apps.

In-House Development – Yes or No?

Once you decide to develop a mobile app, adding mobile app developers is often the first option. You may also allocate your existing resources or hire fresh resources for the job.

When hiring mobile app developers, look for candidates with mobile app development experience, diverse portfolio, and a flair for creativity. Also, don’t just take their words for it. Explore their previous projects and check the app they’ve developed.

An in-house development team lets you manage and control the app development process. You can offer instant feedback on the features and designs under development, cater bugs and glitches immediately, and so on. But an in-house development team relies on a few developers, takes more time to develop an app, and is restricted to the expertise of the team (often 4-5 developers).

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Hiring an App Development Agency

Or you could hire an app development agency to develop an app for you. The agencies have diverse teams with years of experience and exposure to mobile app development. Your work will be handled by an extensive team of expert developers, designers, project managers, QA engineers, and creative artists.

Not only it saves you the trouble of worrying about technicalities but also develops a flawless, professional-looking, and engaging mobile app for you.

What to Expect when Developing a Mobile App?

Of course, it’s going to be a roller coaster ride. The last thing one must expect is the process to be as simple as sharing the app idea, making the payment, and receiving the app.

Creating a mobile app requires extensive research and development, high-end integration, uninterrupted interaction with the app development agency, and more. Do not expect it to be a magical experience.

Let’s briefly go through the process of making an app!

Find an App Development Agency

The most important decision to make during the process is to find a reliable and experienced app development agency that you can trust with your project. Your decision will determine the efficiency of your mobile app.

You can also hand your project to freelancers. It’s a cheaper alternative but comes along with multiple challenges such as disrupted communication, late deliveries, and so on.

Choose an app development agency with relevant experience, an attractive portfolio, grip on the latest technologies, and an ambitious.

Share Your App Idea

Nobody knows and understands the business and app idea better than you. Communicate your goals, expectations, plans, and ideas to the app development agency.

Let the developers and designers get a hang of your idea. Stay in touch during the development process. Your valuable feedback during the development will help make an app that rules the app stores.

But be ready for some glitches and design errors. Every great app takes time and efforts to build.

Give it Time – Enough Time

No good app is developed over the weekend. It takes weeks and weeks of writing code, perfecting the designs, and testing it vigorously before it is handed over to the client.

If an app development agency is promising to deliver a custom app in a week, know it’s a scam.

A great app that can make it to the users’ hearts goes beyond writing the code. It incorporates lots of research, user insights, business vision, intricate designs, and days of hard work before it hits the app stores.

Do not rush to launch your app. Instead, let the pre-launch phase take it time for a pleasant and bug-free experience for the users.

Interact with the Users

You and your app development agency can cheer for the app as much as you like, but the users decide whether the app is a success or not.

While you are developing an app, interact with the end-users and explore their preferences. Don’t assume your users’ behaviors or rely on your intuitions.

Here is where the Minimum Viable Product comes in action. An MVP is the minimum version on a product with just enough features to attract the early adopters. Develop a minimum viable product and distribute it amongst the early adopters. Let their feedback guide you to a breakthrough mobile app.

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Be Ready for Frequent Updates

Keep in mind that no first version is perfect. Even if it is, changing user preferences and ever-evolving technologies require updates and changes in the changes. So, you are never really done with your mobile app.

Every industry-leading mobile app went through multiple changes before it topped the app stores. Facebook has drastically changed over the years. From the simple sharing of photos, videos, statuses, to now becoming a business space for small and medium-sized businesses; it’s a glorious story. Instagram later allowed sharing videos. Snapchat now allows users to explore popular accounts and stories.

Every great app goes through changes and so will yours, so be prepared. You’ll need to contact the app development agency again.

Let’s Develop an App Now

It’s time to create an app that takes your business to new horizons of success. At Cubix, we help you climb the ladder with intriguing mobile apps, excellent designs, and addictive interface.

We are not only a mobile app development agency but an innovation house and tech consultants that guides you through the development process. From developing an idea to raising funds, from deciding on the technology stack to finalizing the platforms, from selecting the app monetization strategy to launching the app, Cubix makes your app idea into a reality.

Let’s hear about your dream project!



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