Cubix unveils Designster to deliver unlimited graphic designs at flat rates

Zen Ameer

15 Oct, 2020


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Cubix unveils designster

Designster, a graphic design platform by Cubix, produces top-notch intuitive designs for flat rates. You may think: “So what’s special about this? Aren’t there dozens of others already doing this?”

The need for intuitive designs that reflect your brand’s personality can never be overstated, and the idea of continuity when it comes to catering to clients simply means that you will enjoy a seamless branding experience.

Every Client Needs Imagery to Match Its Persona

Most untrained eyes come to recognize your brand when you have the right imagery and verbiage strategically placed. There is science behind this, and you become memorable through your core design elements that are necessary components of your overall brand messaging.

The collective buzz in the market tends to stifle the voices of new and existing brands like yours. This necessitates the reiteration of your own brand voice. And your brand persona needs this design support on a day-to-day basis because it serves as reinforcement of your voice.

So, with an unlimited flow of graphic design collateral, most of your day’s work is done for you, and this is why Cubix has launched Designster. You will enjoy peace of mind when you get your desired graphic designs that match your branding voice.

While Cubix is a renowned digital product development company that has served clients from various industries, Designster is set to follow in its shadow while delivering top-notch design services to you in the post-development phase. The aim is to ensure that clients aren’t left behind with their marketing needs.

Clients Can Get All They Need for a Flat Rate

Imagine getting all the graphic designs you need for a whole month at a flat rate. Designster gives you access to graphic designs of your choice at a flat rate, helping you achieve a brand persona with a consistent and bold voice. Your marketing ambitions will be sustained and your consistent messages will flow daily per your need.

Since 2008, Cubix has worked with entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds to build mobile applications and cater to full-blown digital product development needs. Having built long-term relationships, Deignster is an effort to look after these clients, delivering the very best of our design reinforcement for their brands.

Communication and Quick Turnaround

Designster’s engaging client portal with Slack integration allows you to make design requests and interact with dedicated designers in an inclusive work environment. Projects are easily managed through the platform wherein you can review drafts, send/receive messages, give directions, and a lot more.

Each client’s branding, website designs, ads, promotional materials, animations, and much more will be covered. And all this will be available with a quick turnaround time, best supported by Designster’s engaging platform that offers simplified communication. This helps with effective task management and timely delivery, ultimately giving clients what they require.

Designster offers three packages, namely Basic, Pro, and Premium through which it caters to your needs.

Each package is a win-win for you depending on your need, as Designster gives you dedicated designers, unlimited revisions, native source files, and much more.

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