Cubixians Celebrate Pakistan Independence Day with Excitement, Pride, and Joy

Zen Ameer

23 Aug, 2022


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Cubixians Celebrate Pakistan Independence Day with Excitement

To learn, build, and reinforce ourselves as human beings, we must remember the messages our founding fathers left for us. Those were never exclusively applicable to national movements – they are universal principles that lie at the soul of every successful entity.

Amid an abundance of slogans and poems that are often remembered on our Independence Day, indeed there are only a few things that might overshadow the core principles we were left with – Unity, Faith, Discipline – universal principles that build and reinforce organizations. These are not just tenets of nation building, but they are cornerstones that can help organizations develop and reinforce themselves as robust entities.

The Wider Context of Independence Day Celebration – Freedom and Opportunity for All

While celebrating our country’s Independence Day will always have core meaning and cause, a wider context presents itself encompassing and presenting so much more. Let’s not forget that our country has risen from the ashes of history with hope for a better future, and that hope can entail so much; for the dreams of our children today and tomorrow lie in opportunity rooted in stability, enlightenment, and much more.

Our Birth – where and how we got started

We hold these ideals close to our hearts as we mark Pakistan’s 75 years of independence. Indeed, at our very own Cubix, we celebrate the opportunity to contribute to our world in the shape of our organizational strides in this magnanimous sphere of technological possibilities.

We remember the day we started in May of 2008, and we will never forget the journey we have enjoyed and struggled through; our trials, heartbreaks, hopes, wishes, dreams, and success are all a part of who we are – does this sound familiar?

Independence Day 2022

When we celebrated Independence Day at Cubix in 2021, we felt that was like no other previous celebration. In 2022, we wanted to repeat that experience, and set out to achieve just that.

With two local offices in Karachi, our Cubixians had an even larger number of people to create their intended wave. The goal was to enjoy themselves with games, quizzes, sketch competitions, and many other activities like singing and poetry that would allow our family to express themselves in a fun-filled and entertaining environment.

The participants spanned every cadre of staff, and even Salman Lakhani, the CEO, took part in some of the action, along with people from programming and design divisions, marketing, human resources, housekeeping, etc. who can be observed getting their smiles in. The recently published video of the celebrations depicts the various colors this celebration comprised.

Some of the elements of Cubix celebrating Pakistan Independence Day included:

  • Working and playing together, which we do really well. In fact, in a lot of cases, we’re the best at this – we work hard to build the best digital product solutions, and also host some of the most exciting sports tournaments throughout the year including, cricket, table tennis, badminton, counterstrike, and much more.
  • Planning and execution, which a lot of our staff members have mastered; be it chalking out plans and executing them to perfection in the form of project plans, or tournament schedules, we do it really well.
  • Participation,, which is crucial to bring out the very best in our work culture; we encourage everyone to participate, and invite every individual to get involved with all our causes and celebrations. This Independence Day, you can see all our women and men enjoying themselves, fully engaged in a day of spectacular entertainment at both company offices.

Superb interaction at each office featured music (mostly Pakistani national songs), various games and competitions, trivia (particularly about Independence Day), and of course, the Pakistani National anthem along with fireworks to lift our spirits.

Clearly, the fervor with which Cubixians celebrated the day reflected our adherence as a company to the founding ideals of Unity, Faith, and Discipline.

Together, Cubixians planned and executed a wonderful event as they do with their work. They also count on each other to come through for one another in everything they collaborate to build. And everyone in their capacity as professionals know well the value of doing the basics really well so that they can stretch themselves and achieve more.

Within this, of course, is hard work, consistent efforts, and every other underlying principle that makes each Cubixian and Cubix what it is today. Mind you, these are the very attributes of our leader, Jinnah. Long Live Pakistan!


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