Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and the Role of Mobile Applications


5 Aug, 2021


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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The fitness industry has evolved in terms of participants using data-driven workouts to achieve optimum results, coupled with mobile app development technology that lets you gain the most from data available. Moreover, fitness app users can fine-tune their workouts, as most fitness apps allow users to adjust their workouts based on individual user data.

Mobile applications are tied to almost everything we do, making life easier and more manageable while offering many more service and product options. There are mobile apps for almost everything: transportation, food, clothing, education, finance, healthcare, and fitness. In addition, the pandemic has encouraged people to access mobile apps to manage the situation and carry on with life by using safety precautions.

Mobile Apps, Covid, and the Olympic Games Tokyo

Leading up to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, we witnessed various apps introduced to ensure safety for athletes and all the games’ administrators. But the role of apps at the Tokyo games has been much wider than helping us all contain Covid figures; indeed, athletes have also been accessing mobile applications to track their fitness and help them manage their training effectively.

Athletes have been using what you might ordinarily refer to as fitness apps. Some of these apps operate like training managers; they help athletes remain on schedule while meeting their daily exercise targets. But, above all, they keep them motivated with a scorecard that carries details of their progress.

A decent example of a fitness app is Get Set – Train Smarter, officially endorsed for the 2020 Olympics. It allows you to train smarter without injuring yourself.

It has been developed by the International Olympic Committee and offers instructional content, including video guides to help you exercise correctly. It also has levels that allow you to progress in terms of strength development and skill.

While Get Set – Smart Trainer is an official app, there are others you can download for fitness training. From a long list of these apps available for you to explore, we decided to list a few here for the sake of telling our readers briefly about the features these apps carry.


Redline helps athletes track progressive success by measuring their performance with various sports activities. This gives athletes an idea of how they are improving, as the app gauges performances based on various baseline tests that include sprinting, vertical jumping, cone drills, and much more.

Your workouts can be adjusted according to your progress, and the app helps you decide how much you should focus on strength or other aspects of your training.


Everyrunn is a platform for runners who can track their performance, establish fitness goals, identify their favorite running spots, communicate with fellow runners, and share their fitness routines. It has all the ingredients you need to track your progress and keep you motivated.


This app functions as your fitness tracker and workout guide. Users enjoy a ton of options apart from 1,000+ exercises supported by most gym machines and equipment. This app also comes with your workout planner enabling you to target specific goals. You will also enjoy stats, pep talks, and tips and pointers from a sizeable community.


Crimpd offers 75 free workouts for climbing sports preparation. These workouts build your strength and technique when you follow their instructions closely. You’ll also be able to record each training and climbing session, track your progress, and figure out and execute new exercises based on in-app demonstration videos.

Start Fitness (Rowing App)

Start Fitness is a rowing-specific fitness app that allows beginners to start working from a low-pressure stage and move toward intense workouts. The app also offers new challenges to match intermediate and advanced rowers’ needs, and each individual can select a plan’s difficulty level and set up their own schedule. Then, follow the directions via the in-app Audio Coach as you perform your rowing exercises when that’s done.

Athletes who remain organized with their athletic preparations can improve their performance. Furthermore, by leveraging applications like those mentioned above, athletes can remain consistent with their workouts, which will inevitably heighten their competitive edge.

Apart from mobile application developers focusing on building helpful fitness apps, they have also developed fitness marketplaces. One example is Vision sports, which is described as a one-stop solution for all fitness products. This trusted marketplace has been developed by a mobile application development company that focuses on fitness-related high-quality products that fulfill a pleasant shopping experience.

Transforming the Way Athletes Train for Olympic Games

While the Olympics, or for that matter any sporting event of significance, does seem to create a spike in people taking up sports, mobile fitness apps can result in even more enthusiasts taking interest in fitness routines.

The role that apps can play in bringing more people into the fitness fold can never be denied since data indicates this. However, there is also a broad indication that fitness apps are important to people in advance of large sports events. In fact, preparation participating in a competition means months of hard work that must be managed well. This is especially true for Olympic athletes who also leverage wearable tech for training and monitoring important variables to fulfill their dreams.



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