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About the App

Redline Athletics is a revolutionary fitness mobile app specially designed for aspiring athletes. It offers comprehensive tools to help users track their performance, monitor progress over time and make data-driven decisions to enhance their training.

With state-of-the-art features integrated into an intuitive interface

Location: San Diego, California


Our Challenge:

The goal was to develop a cutting-edge mobile app for Redline Athletics to revolutionize athlete training with advanced data analytics and personalized coaching.

Ultimate Performance Enhancement Hub

Redlien empowered athletes with cutting-edge data analytics and personalized coaching for enhanced performance and injury prevention. Key features included:

  • Personalized Workouts: Tailored plans based on test results

  • Performance Metrics: Detailed tracking for progress assessment

  • Injury Prevention Tools: Techniques to minimize risks

  • Community Platform: Connect with and learn from fellow athletes

Engage with Athlete Community

Join a motivated community of like-minded individuals sharing interests and activities. Connect, analyze, and engage with fellow athletes for mutual inspiration and support in your fitness journey.

Redline Athletics: Your Performance Training Hub

The Redline Athletics app empowers athletes reach peak performance with easy access to testing protocols, granular metrics analysis, and expert coaching guidance tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses.

Cubix's collaboration led to intuitive interfaces, personalized workout plans, and insights for optimized training. Their cutting-edge technologies drive impactful solutions for human performance, empowering individuals to reach their potential.

By developing customized solutions focused on human performance and development, we aim to empower individuals to reach their true potential and organizations to achieve high performance in a sustainable way.

Project Results

  • Over 5000 athletes registered within first 3 months of launch

  • 23 testing and training modules with customized workout plans

  • Average 40% increase in speed, agility and strength scores

  • 4.8 app rating with 1200+ reviews praising the intuitive interfaces

  • Partnership with 50 Redline locations serving major cities across USA

  • Major increase in business for Redline across multiple locations

  • Actionable insights delivered on injury prevention and user safety

  • Strong user engagement with 80% athletes logging on 3x/week

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