‘Planet of the Apps’ – An Invasion Widely Welcomed

Zen Ameer

11 Oct, 2021


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Planet of the Apps

Once upon a time, not too long ago, some of us may have assumed that our intimacy with communication gadgets couldn’t grow any further. Seated cozily in our comfy upholstered chairs, we enjoyed the likes of Skype, Yahoo and MSN Messengers, and Dial-in conferencing, on our desktops and laptops, with some of us connecting with each other via text, inconveniently pressing intricate plastic buttons.

The world we lived in was considered luxurious and state-of-the-art – No one imagined what was to come, except for those planning a smartphone and mobile app invasion we would welcome.

Arguably, there were a few working on touchscreen technology since the early 1990s. IBM is one. However, it would be at least a decade a half before a practical and viable touchscreen smartphone device would make its way into homes and offices far and wide.

Undeniably, it was Apple that did that in January 2007, delivering not just a multi-touch interface with the most advanced resolution; what the world was stunned to see was: “An iPod, a phone, and an Internet communicator.” All in one. Whatever preceded this moment in history instantly became irrelevant in the public eye.

Fast forward to today, and you will see that there is an app for almost everything; no matter what you want to do, there is an app for it. For calculations, for example, you’ll find a wide variety that can help you determine all sorts of measurements. A visit to the app store will reveal how many kinds of apps you can get your hands on, each with a different rating, competing to be the top choice. While we could start listing various apps for each vertical, it would mean that this post would not end. The quicker way is to just tell you that the app stores have millions of apps, exceeding 8 million in number.

We have not chosen to list apps here that are the best or the most purposeful, but we have picked our list to illustrate how diverse the industry is. So, here are a few to get your curiosity going.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

You are bound to find at last a dozen sleep apps that fulfill what you’d usually expect of them. The sleep cycle alarm clock is an intelligent app with which you can monitor your sleep cycle and run an analysis on it. The aim is to awaken you when you’re in your lightest sleep phase. This makes waking up easier and you will likely be in a better mood without a heavy head. Along with this, you get to learn about what diet would suit you better if you desire better sleep.

Reverse Dictionary

A lot of people struggle to find the right word even when they know the meaning of it. If you ever find yourself in this position, the Reverse Dictionary can help you out. This simple app finds the word you’re looking for when you simply feed in a definition. There is already an abundance of dictionary apps out there, and perhaps not many like this one that can help you discover the words you are looking for.


Ever heard of an app that that lets your phone function as a temporary TV tuner. Yes, and it works for any TV. If you’re at a public place watching an important program, but there’s just too much noise, you can tune in to just hear is the commentary on your phone. All you need to do is open Tunity, face it at the TV; the app then uses a scanned image of the program to locate and stream the audio directly to your device.


Call it puerile, but some of us may feel the need to extricate ourselves from a phone conversation we just don’t want to have. This app lets you make the perfect excuse; the app plays fake sounds when you’re on an unwelcome phone call, which ultimately gives you an excuse to hang up. Included in its list of disturbances are crackling or signal breaking, someone knocking on your front door, a crying baby, and much more.

Cry Translator (for parents)

Over the years, science has compiled sufficient data that revel patterns. The same is true for babies crying; there are attributes that people don’t necessarily pickup or identify. But now, we have the technologies that make this possible. The Cry Translator is especially handy for young parents who have a tough time figuring out why their baby may be crying. With this app, you can ascertain why your child is crying. It can interpret your child’s cry to determine whether your baby is tired, hungry, or lacking sleep.


Now this is something you can use at home, and with good reason if you have kids or siblings who need to finish their chores. With BrightNest, you can track your household cleaning schedule and make use of handy reminders. It is loaded with thousands of helpful hints and home projects that allow you to renovate, decorate, and handle all your home maintenance.

As you can see, there are indeed many apps that cater to diverse needs. When you start exploring what’s available to download, you will be surprised by what you come across. With millions of apps available, you can try searching up any keyword on any topic to see what results return.

It is absolutely amazing to see what all has come our way, especially in recent years as more and more programming technologies emerge. With more than 8 million apps on the planet today, creating apps has become progressively easier. There are more apps being launched now than there ever were before. Among these, you are almost sure to discover cool and interesting ones. It’s worth adding that the mobile app developers are the ones behind ensuring that we end up with so many wonderful apps, and it is their effort wherever they are located that hands us the tools with which we have improved our lives.


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