WAGMI-Cubix Partnership – The NFT Game Developer will Build WAGMI’s Mobile PVP Game

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27 Dec, 2021


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Mobile PVP Game

Whether you’re a game enthusiast or a professional gamer with an appetite for destruction, ruthless gunfire, and battlefield action, there are loads of games out there for you. Some let you assume your role as a zombie hunter, others let you join one mercenary or another, and there are many other thrilling genres.

Soon, you will have an opportunity to be part of a saga for Earth’s survival, where you will battle invaders from another dimension. Indeed, through a Cubix-Wagmi Games’ partnership, you will get to enjoy an exciting new game in Q1 2022, called WAGMI Defense.

The prospective mobile PVP Tower Defense game is a P2E game for the android, iOS, and desktop that will present gamers an opportunity to win it all on a secure blockchain gaming infrastructure with unique assets to own.

Here’s Why WAGMI Games Chose to Partner with Cubix

Finding a suitable app development company with the right skill-set and experience to build this game was a key point that WAGMI Games focused on. After a relentless search, they felt that Cubix’ expertise was aligned with their endeavors to build a Play to Earn (P2E) game.

Indeed, Cubix was one among dozens of game development companies reviewed, but eventually, WAGMI Games were keen to partner with Cubix because of the software development company’s expertise and game development track record.

Cubix’ expertise with blockchain development solutions and NFT game development make it stand out. With 200+ global team members, the company has catered to leading market names like Sapient, Nintendo, Walmart, and more.

The company also became a top choice as a software development partner for MicroPets. With these associations, the extent of Cubix’ technical expertise and experience was easily discerned, making them a top choice for WAGMI Games.

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Cubix has spent many years crafting its creative design and development process. There has been a great deal that the company learned in due time, and they began this journey perhaps at the right time, years ago. This means they took the time to figure out what works best when building a product.

Right from the word go, their stakeholders brainstorm your idea and convey the advantages and disadvantages of certain approaches. They also provide their expertise on the optimum route to creating a viable product.

With a refined product development process, Cubix has built hundreds of products for clients over the years, harnessing the latest technologies and monitoring industry projections as well as other data to make the most accurate predictions for viability and market-relevant product longevity.


WAGMI Defense is set in the year 3022, where Aliens (the Greys) discover ‘NiFe,’ an element critical to their survival, lying at planet Earth’s core. With the invaders setting their sights on this target, humans from all over must unite to engage in a saga for humankind’s survival.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder, earthlings form their WAGMI Defense to battle with the invaders. Game participants will wager the WAGMI token where a winner emerges supreme.

NFT and Blockchain Technology

From a technical and investor standpoint, the best part about this game is that not only is it attractive and engaging, but it is also based on the latest game development technologies associated with blockchain platforms and NFT (non-fungible tokens) technology. This is where Cubix’ role counts even more, as the company is known for its expertise in creating NFT games.

You can expect multiple opportunities for NFT collections from WAGMI Games. It’s pertinent to mention that the WAGMI native token is available on both, the BSC (Binance) and the ERC (Ethereum) blockchains. This widens the scope for user adoption at phase one, the Tower Defense mobile game.

WAGMI Game Roll-out Plan

The date for the PVP WAGMI Defense release is scheduled for Q1 2022.

The PVP Tower Defense game is the first phase of a wider roll-out plan. The plan comprises an immersive 3D MMORPG desktop game with a tentative release date in Q4 2022.

Part of the plan comprises a series of comics and stories associated with the gameplay, which will engage more followers, favoring more traction for the company’s goals.


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