Cubix, the leading mobile app development company, won the tender for Oman Oil Marketing Company’s service integration app, grounded on a customer-centric approach. We won the tender against 20 renowned companies.

Gulf’s largest fuel marketer, OOMCO, was looking for a partner who will go above and beyond to deliver the said excellence. Cubix had the vision and technical expertise to make OOMCO’s dream come true and is on its way to developing a breakthrough solution.

Cubix’s powerpack team consisting of Mr. Junaid Altaf (Technical Project Manager) and Mr. Oneeb Ahmed (Senior Product Architect) recently boarded a flight to Oman, to visit OOMCO and further discuss the project. The core reason to visit OOMCO was to understand their business model, explore ground realities, analyze third-party integrations, and polish the initial proposal based on the information gathered.

The team at OOMCO were a pleasure to work with. Our visitors were hosted by Mr. Hamad Al-Zadjali (Digital Marketing Manager, OOMCO) and Mr. Qasim M. Iqbal (Assistant Digital Marketing Manager, OOMCO). The on-ground collaboration clarified various aspects of the projects, allowing us to understand the target segment and getting the first-hand experience on the fuel stations.

According to Mr. Junaid Altaf, We had to sit together and discuss the possibilities before we enter the development phase. But before that, we needed to completely understand how the company operates’. He further added ‘Now that we compare our first proposal with the current one, things are clearer, more precise, and result-oriented because we know what best fits OOMCO’s requirements

OOMCO has franchised its services to multiple third-parties. These services include supermarkets, car services, eateries, and more. Hence, the mobile app requires high-end integration to become a one-stop solution for customers. The app will serve as a platform from where customers will schedule appointments, plan journeys, and pre-order, to save time and efforts invested on fuel stations. Getting a hand on these integrations would not have been possible otherwise.

Mr. Oneeb Ahmed said Various technical aspects required clarity, and we wanted OOMCO’s team on board for what we had in our minds. Each fuel pump has multiple third-party integrations, so we had to be there to understand how things work. It helped us understand how customers consumed the services

We are now working on developing the mobile app that shall help OOMCO in facilitating its customers, for bookings, appointments, planning journeys, pre-booking food, and more.

At Cubix, we don’t settle until we’ve developed the finest product. Our satisfied clientele of over 500 companies, including several Fortune 500 companies is proof. Our agile project management, seasoned development, and impeccable designing help us in empowering our clients with customer-oriented web and mobile apps.

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