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31 Mar, 2022


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Mobile App Development

Are you eager to create something like Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp? Then, try your hand at fun app development projects and make your dream of success come true. This post rounds up some exciting app development trends that have changed the way we saw and treated mobile apps until a year ago.

In the year 2021, there were a lot of terrific mobile app development projects, and businesses all over the globe responded quite favorably to them. By leveraging the power of mobile app development trends and creating cutting-edge business solutions, you can grow your business at a rapid pace.

Trending mobile app development technologies enable designers and creators to innovate to continuously provide outstanding solutions to everyday customer needs. In addition to cloud computing and machine learning, Augmented Reality is another hot new trend in mobile app development that will likely influence mobile app development for at least the next decade. To produce the most spectacular solutions, developers of smartphone devices for iOS and Android smartphones are leveraging next-generation breakthroughs in voice recognition, beacon technology, and blockchain technology.

Mobile App Development: Current State

To begin our discussion of new trends in mobile app development, let’s review how mobile app development is currently faring.

<p><p>Mobile app market participants are incorporating blockchain technology into their mobile apps as the Metaverse continues to gain momentum. Similarly, we are experiencing exciting developments in voice recognition and chatbots in iOS and Android apps. However, the story is not over yet; there is a lot more going on in another world of Google. Indeed, notable and exceptional innovations emerge from Google’s Flutter, an open-source UI toolkit, React Native, and Facebook’s development tool.

Seven Leading Trends in Mobile App Development in 2022

1. The Metaverse

At Connect 2021, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that Facebook’s new name would be Meta. “We build technology to connect,” Zuckerberg said. With combined efforts, we can finally make technology work for people. The priorities of mobile app developers will also need to shift to keep up with the Metaverse’s growth. AR and the Metaverse have been buzzed about in the past year. The integration of VR systems and the Metaverse will enable full-immersion experiences soon.

It is no secret that mobile app development trends are touching the heavens and are highly affected by trending technologies. Metaverse is one of the biggest names in application development today, rapidly catching consumers’ attention. AI emerged as a breakthrough technology worldwide, and so did Metaverse, gaining more attention from developers every day. As a result, app developers, leading industries, and investors have a growing interest in Metaverse.

Mobile App Development Trends and the Metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual reality space where people have the opportunity to interact with computer-generated environments and other users. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the key technologies driving the creation of Metaverses. Software developers build metaverse games, and more mobile applications will be converted to that environment.

Different means are available to access Metaverse, including VR headsets and AR glasses. There were 107 gaming apps whose descriptions included the keyword “metaverse” as of February 2022. The size and scope of Metaverse’s market and application areas are continuously expanding, pushing app developers to delve further into this new and seemingly immeasurable territory. One of my favorite aspects of the Metaverse is its “Virtual Worlds.” Imagine how amazing it would be to make users feel like they are experiencing everything. I am thinking of making a game app like this, are you?

By leveraging the Metaverse, you can create an endless array of 3D virtual worlds.

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2. Blockchain

Since the cryptocurrency boom, blockchain technology has been applied in various ways that one cannot imagine, from logistics, monitoring, and providing excellent transparency to providing security for sensitive data. This remarkable trend of mobile application development has captured the attention of almost the whole of humanity. But, don’t trust a writer’s words blindly; read the statistics and see for yourself.

Thanks to its decentralized architecture, blockchain technology has already begun to make inroads into the mobile app development sector, finance, healthcare center, education, and real estate. In addition, digital currencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin can be transferred securely and transparently via this technology, thus reducing the need for a middleman, making it an ideal solution for app developers.

3. Swift

Swift is a revolutionary tool for iOS app development that brings simplicity and easy readability to your process. Developers previously used Objective-C to develop iOS applications, which took more time to build. Swift applications now support concurrency thanks to Apple’s latest, more modern, and more intuitive API. On the other hand, Swift is much faster, has more security and a better user interface, and is easier to maintain. With approximately 2.22 million iOS apps available, the Apple Application Store was the second-largest app store.

Swift is one of the latest trends in Mobile App Development, and it is a favorite among developers because of its speed, which is three times that of Objective C. Besides the fact that it allows you to make IOS applications rapidly, SwiftUI can also be enhanced with even more features, which is exciting for Android designers. Furthermore, SwiftUI, the UI framework for Swift, has seen several recent enhancements, including asynchronous images, pull to refresh, and extended List views.

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4. Android Chatbots

Users adore personalization, and that’s where AI Chatbots come in. Chatbots offer a variety of advantages, including surfacing results based on a user’s location, identifying potential threats, and being a part of mobile applications that help make better decisions. As a result, Chatbots can alleviate the need for you to spend more energy and time on your online business applications. Also, developers can get artistic with chatbots, which will inevitably become one of the latest trends in mobile app development. We at Cubix are experts at building chatbots that can store all the conversational data so that you can train accordingly to respond better in the future.

5. React Native

Thanks to technological advances in development frameworks, the development process can be accelerated. Cross-platform applications are preferred to native apps due to their faster development times. Hybrid app creation has vastly enhanced thanks to trending mobile app development technologies like React Native, and analysts believe it is the destiny of cross-platform software design. Recently, React Native has gained tremendous popularity. Netflix, Snapchat, and Instagram are just a couple of minor popular platforms that use the framework. Developers will be able to create more captivating touch-based experiences with React Native’s Gesture Handler version 2 by 2022.

Additionally, Reanimated, an animation and interaction library built on React Native for creating smooth animations, has assisted app developers for years in making smooth transitions and layout animations. The industry will continue to create fascinating, inventive apps and functionalities utilizing a comprehensive library, undoubtedly establishing a benchmark. React Native frameworks are especially suitable for sophisticated multi-platform app production, as smartphone app revenue is expected to exceed $613 billion by 2025.

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6. Flutter

The Flutter programming language has received widespread recognition since Google developed it in 2015. Designed for developing high-performing Android and iOS apps, Flutter is an open-source framework with an active community. Developed with Dart, it uses Objective C, Swift, and Java on iOS and Android. With the Flutter framework, hybrid app development is highly cost-effective. In addition, Flutter’s built-in animations make it a developer’s favorite trend in 2022 because it makes it convenient for developers to add animation to mobile applications. Flutter is also a fantastic alternative for entrepreneurs’ goal of developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

7. AR Glasses

The growing interest in AR Glasses has increased the demand for AR application development. VR (Virtual reality) and AR (augmented) are incorporated into mobile applications worldwide. For example, you can test the appearance of chairs in a room or use this app to check your bedroom. IKEA has launched an augmented reality mobile app that allows users to see IKEA’s products in real-time through a mobile device.

Apple Glasses remain a mystery for now because almost nothing solid has leaked about the augmented reality smart glasses the company is allegedly cooking up. However, it is expected that Apple will unveil its first AR/VR headset in late 2022 or early 2023. I believe Apple’s wearable technology spectacles have great potential in the years ahead, and they will be a game-changer. Eventually, this device will replace smartphones as a premier networking and telecommunication device when the technology matures enough for full functionality and financial viability.

Stay Above Top Trends in Mobile App Development in 2022

Keeping up with current trends is staying ahead of the curve. If you stick to old-school app development practices and patterns, your apps will be less attractive. Mobile applications have changed organizational efficiency, but they’ve also enabled firms to converse better with their clients. In this article, we’ve covered some of the most prominent mobile app development issues for 2022.

On the other hand, mobile technology is growing substantially, and new trends in mobile app development will have consequential effects on the marketplace in the following years. So, don’t hesitate to contact our team of specialists and request a free consultation if you need assistance constructing your next-level app.

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