AI-Driven Cyberattacks & the Need for New SaaS Data Protection Approaches

Mahad Kazmi

18 Apr, 2024


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Data Protection

AI in the hands of hackers is a bigger risk than imagined, and with the need for new SaaS data protection approaches, are your defense systems up yet?

Did you know that in the first half of 2023, there was an 8% increase in weekly AI-driven cyberattacks worldwide? Weekly. If you were to sit down and crunch the numbers, you’d be baffled as to how your business or company data, whether it’s through a game, app, or any software, isn’t secure at all! We’ve seen businesses shut down, games losing sales, and apps not generating traffic, all because of data breaches and lack of security protocols during their development. 

There’s a lot that’ll be covered in this blog, but the general idea is to make you understand the advanced threat AI-driven cyber attacks bring to SaaS applications and how SaaS product development companies are addressing this challenge. The importance of updated data protection measures and AI/ML security protocols will all be covered, so read on! 

AI-Driven Cyberattacks – What We Know So Far

There are no nuclear bombs or huge armies that governments are afraid of anymore; it’s cyber warfare that is evident to be the next biggest threat to the ecosystem. As artificial intelligence is growing every day and more possibilities are explored, cybersecurity professionals are struggling to keep up with advanced AI cyber-attacks. The probability of the next war being a cold war is at an all-time high. 

For example, around 10 years ago, there was an AI-driven cyber attack on the energy industry of Ukraine, where a company called “BlackEnergy” was targeted, which caused massive power grid failures and blackouts across the country. Not just that, there was another instance of a hacker using AI to impersonate the CEO of a firm in the UK, where they stole almost £200,000. The biggest problem is that these examples are from several years ago, and with the speed at which AI is advancing, we never know what cyber attackers are working on next. 

As cybercriminals continue to use AI and machine learning to enhance their skills, organizations around the world need to take a proactive stance towards data protection so they’re not exploited as well. Who better to help with that than a SaaS product development company that is proficient at cybersecurity having built applications for companies such as PayPal, Walmart, and hundreds more? 

Is Your SaaS Business Secure – Why You Might Be Prone To a Cyberattack?

What would happen if hackers breached tonight? Is your application ready to take them on?

At the core of every SaaS application lies data security. For an application to grow big and gain permanent users, building trust and confidence through the app’s security is the key. 

However, the ever-so dynamic nature of cloud environments in recent years has introduced several unique challenges for businesses that want to protect their sensitive information. Are data backups truly prepared for any event? The nature of data storage, processing, compiling, etc, have been backed upon by complex old architectures that increase the risk of unauthorized access and data leaks. 

A survey revealed that almost half (48%) of organizations have experienced a ransomware attack over the past 12 months, and SaaS data was the target of more than half of them (51%).

As the arsenal of cybercriminals increases, it’s imperative that new security protocols are built and confided within an application, as we at Cubix do with every software we build. Achieving and maintaining privacy compliance for SaaS products is not an easy challenge, which is why you should trust professionals who boast about their clients, knowing what they’ve built, is there to stay. 

Enhancing SaaS Security Measures Effectively

Adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) while also maintaining confidentiality can prove difficult for many SaaS product development companies, but not us. Any application that doesn’t adhere to these laws faces penalties and can sometimes be forced to adopt robust data protection measures that are prey for cybercriminals. 

In this environment, the traditional perimeter-based security model is no longer sufficient to protect against emerging threats. Organizations must embrace a multi-layered approach to data security, encompassing encryption, access controls, and threat intelligence, to mitigate the risk of exploitation and ensure privacy compliance for SaaS products.

How Cloud Security For SaaS Is Growing

Cloud security for SaaS has been observed to be undergoing a new revolution that has never been seen before, as the growing threat of AI attacks keeps increasing. Businesses and companies around the world are pushing their focus on implementing new security measures to defend their data against these threats. Technologies such as AI/ML programs are being used as an integrated security solution to record real-time data and enable a faster threat detection system. 

More than a third (38%) ranked Software as a Service (SaaS) applications as the leading target for hackers, closely followed by cloud-based storage (36%). 

Services such as SECaaS (Security as a Service) are gaining urgency like no other, as multinational organizations and even startups are outsourcing their important security handling to specialized providers

How a SaaS Product Development Company Can Help You

Maintaining privacy compliance and security as a SaaS business presents immense challenges on its own. The complexities of keeping up with regulations, addressing vulnerabilities, and protecting sensitive data require dedicated staff and expertise. Trying to do it all alone leaves too much room for risk.

Don’t you worry? A SaaS product development company can help play an important role in ensuring data security for SaaS applications for as long as the software development lifecycle lasts. From design to development, and from development to deployment and even maintenance, security concerns should be the top priority for any leader in the industry. This ensures that no exploitation of data is done and the security measures comply with US laws on firewall & security protocols. 

The security-first mindset is lacking around the business world, and this is when SaaS product development companies come in that help them identify and address the issues that there security protocols might have. Even a small problem can lead to a massive attack on the entire networking of a company, which is why security is emphasized upon so many times when having a software created. Through testing and different validation techniques, these leaks can be mended in a timely manner to safeguard sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. 

Building a Secure Future for Businesses

As we navigate the complexities of the post-AI digital age, one thing remains clear: the security of SaaS applications is paramount. By prioritizing Data access control for SaaS and investing in innovative solutions, businesses can build a secure future for themselves and their customers. Let us fortify the defenses of your dream project from AI-driven cyberattacks and create a safer digital landscape for all.

By embracing innovative technologies and best practices, empower your businesses to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape securely. Join forces with Cubix and strengthen your defenses, protect sensitive data, and build a safer digital future for all. Contact us today and get the solution you’re looking for!


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